What is the effect of taking tartar? What are the benefits of getting tartar ? Does tartar help whiten teeth?…Here are 7+ benefits of tartar removal given by dental professionals to help customers properly understand the importance of tartar removal.

What is tartar?

Tartar is actually a dental procedure to remove plaque and bacteria from the surface of the teeth. The removal of tartar is very important in the treatment and prevention of oral diseases such as periodontitis, inflammation, tooth decay, gum infection… To remove tartar, you can take folk measures. time at home. But for the safest, you should go directly to medical facilities for specialists with specialized knowledge and specialized tools to perform. You should visit the dentist, get tartar every 6 months.

Lợi ích của việc lấy cao răng
Yellow tartar clings to the roots of the teeth

Top 7+ benefits of periodic tartar

Tartar is formed by bacteria, so food remains in the oral cavity. Over time, it will accumulate into hard plaque that adheres to the roots of teeth and gums. Tartar left for a long time will have many serious damage to teeth. Therefore, taking tartar is necessary and brings many benefits. Typically as:

Benefits of taking tartar – Improve aesthetics

Tartar is often yellow, red-brown, clinging to both the outer surface of the teeth, causing serious cosmetic loss. Therefore, when removing tartar, we will first feel that our teeth are whiter, brighter and more even. This is considered one of the most visible benefits of tartar removal. This will help you be more confident in communication as well as improve the aesthetics of your teeth in particular and your face in general.

Lợi ích của việc lấy cao răng
Tartar causes loss of aesthetics

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The effect of taking tartar – Preventing tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis  

After each meal, the teeth may form a colorless, tooth-colored plaque that will be sticky to the touch. If you do not clean this plaque, the bacteria in the plaque will quickly multiply, doubling the number in the oral cavity. These bacteria will ferment food on the tooth surface to produce acids that erode tooth enamel, eventually leading to tooth decay.

Besides, tartar is also the main cause of gingivitis. Caused by bacteria residing in tartar. Tartar adheres tightly to the gum area, creating favorable conditions for bacteria to infect the gum line, causing gum irritation. Inflamed gums will be red and swollen, more severe may appear white pus and have a bad smell. Therefore, removing tartar will help prevent gum disease.

Lợi ích của việc lấy cao răng
Tartar is one of the causes of gingivitis

Regular brushing helps prevent bad breath

Tartar is a deposit that adheres very firmly to the surface of the teeth or gums. The composition of tartar includes: inorganic salts calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, food debris, bacteria, dead cells, minerals in the oral environment.

Therefore, when lingering in the oral cavity for a long time, an unpleasant odor will appear. Bad breath will appear when customers communicate and talk, affecting those around them. Taking tartar and cleaning your teeth can minimize the accumulation of bacteria and cause bad odors.

The effect of removing tartar – Preventing tooth loss due to disease

 Tartar is the cause of periodontitis, tooth decay, pulpitis… When gingivitis, our gums will be red and swollen. Gingivitis is easy to improve if we know how to treat it. But if it is not treated subjectively, the disease will turn to the stage of bleeding gums, more severe, will lose teeth. In some cases, too much tartar causes the gums to recede, not hugging the tooth root can also cause tooth loss.

Protecting the health of bones and teeth – The benefits of taking tartar

The bone-protective effects of tartar removal are considered subtle. Taking tartar helps to remove toxins and bacteria that stick around the roots of the teeth, preventing bone loss. Bone loss is a process of bone degeneration that one of the causes is due to many tartar, receding gums. Therefore, periodic tartar removal is essential.

Lợi ích của việc lấy cao răng
Bone loss due to tartar

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 Detect dental problems in time

During the process of cleaning and removing tartar, the doctor may order a film to determine the specific condition of the jawbone that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Can X-rays help the doctor determine if there is a tumor under the tooth? Is the tooth decayed? Does the tooth have damaged pulp?… From there, help customers detect dental problems in time (if any). From there, there will be a reasonable treatment regimen, avoiding the condition to get worse, which will be more expensive and difficult to treat.

Benefits of tartar – Improves overall health

The diseases caused by tartar not only affect the oral cavity but also entail a lot of consequences behind. Eg:

Heart-related diseaes

If left untreated, gingivitis can increase your risk of heart disease, because bacteria in your gums can lead to narrowing of your arteries.

Endocarditis is also an infection that affects the inner lining of the heart, usually caused by blood-borne bacteria from another part of the body, such as the gums.

Lung disease

Gum problems can also aggravate chronic lung diseases like asthma by causing airway inflammation.

Gum infections and untreated cavities can lead to tooth loss, but the problem doesn’t stop there. That bacteria can drag into the lungs causing bronchitis and pneumonia.

Reproductive diseases

Also, untreated gum infections during pregnancy can lead to premature labor.

Thus, Singae dental has sent to readers 7 benefits of taking tartar. To have healthy teeth, don’t forget to get tartar every 6 months.

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