How to relieve wisdom tooth pain, what is the most effective way to relieve wisdom tooth pain? Is applying ice a good way to relieve pain?… To answer the above questions, Singae dental presents to readers 8 ways to relieve wisdom tooth pain most often.

Summary [8+] of commonly used ways to relieve pain after wisdom tooth extraction

After wisdom teeth are extracted, it is difficult to avoid pain. This feeling will appear more in the first days and quickly decrease in the following days. There are many ways for you to relieve wisdom tooth pain after extraction that you can refer to such as:

Relieve pain after wisdom tooth extraction with pain relievers

After the anesthetic wears off, if you feel any pain, you should take the medicine as prescribed and prescribed by your doctor. Do not arbitrarily take the wrong dose, the wrong type and the wrong time to use. Pain relievers will help you feel more comfortable for a period of time. However, do not abuse pain relievers, only use them when absolutely necessary. 

Cảm giảm đau răng khôn
Take painkillers

Pain relief after wisdom tooth extraction with ice packs

Ice packs help stop bleeding faster, you can apply ice in the first 24 hours, apply to the outside of the cheek. On the second day, you can apply more warm towels, warm towels will help blood circulation, quickly heal the wound.

Cách giảm đau răng khôn
Applying ice in the first 24 hours will help you relieve toothache

Relieve pain after wisdom tooth extraction by applying a warm towel

The first day you can use ice, but the next day, you should use a warm towel to melt the bruise. Warm water has the effect of blood circulation, reducing sensitivity and eliminating swelling.

Cách giảm đau răng khôn
Apply a warm towel to relieve wisdom tooth pain

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Relieve pain after wisdom tooth extraction by rinsing your mouth with warm salt water

You can make your own warm saline at home or buy ready-made physiological saline at pharmacies. Note that you should rinse your mouth gently and slowly to avoid strong impact on the wound.

In the following days, you should maintain this habit of rinsing your mouth 4-5 times a day, ensuring hygiene and limiting inflammation.

Cách chữa giảm đau răng khôn
Cleaning your teeth with warm salt water will help kill bacteria

Relieve pain after wisdom tooth extraction with tea bags

Tea bags contain tannins, which have high antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying tea bags should be on the pain, swelling will reduce pain, reduce swelling and fight infection.

You can make tea with hot water, wait 5-10 minutes, take out the tea bag, wait until the tea bag has cooled, then put the tea bag inside the mouth, where the wisdom tooth has just been extracted. Tea bags will give you instant pain relief.

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Relieve pain after wisdom tooth extraction by getting enough rest

Rest will help you regain strength, stabilize blood pressure, help blood circulation and heal quickly. You should pillow your head higher than normal so that blood does not flow back into the throat causing choking.

Do not participate in any physical activity or sports within the first 24 hours to ensure that the wound is stable and not affected by external forces.

Cách giảm đau răng khôn
Rest will speed up the healing process

Relieve pain after wisdom tooth extraction by paying attention to your diet

Diet greatly affects recovery after wisdom tooth extraction. Do not eat food that is too hard, too chewy because it can cause blood clots to pop out of the gums, or the food will fall into the hole of the tooth that has just been extracted, causing alveolar inflammation. 

Make sure to eat evenly, do not skip meals, should eat cold, cool foods, do not eat foods that are too hot. 

Priority should be given to eating soft foods that are easy to swallow such as porridge, soup, after the tooth wound improves, you will eat thicker and harder foods.

ăn cháo
Eat soft foods

Relieve pain after wisdom tooth extraction by limiting smoking after wisdom tooth extraction

In the first few days after tooth extraction, you should limit smoking because nicotine in cigarettes can prolong the healing process, slow wound healing, and increase the risk of infection. Limiting the use of tobacco after wisdom tooth extraction will help you reduce pain and speed up the healing process. 

hút thuốc
Limit smoking to help the recovery process quickly

Above are reviews of effective ways to relieve wisdom tooth pain that you should pocket. Surely you already have the answer on how to relieve pain after wisdom tooth extraction. If you have any doubts, you can contact Singae dental office for advice.

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