Braces are one of the orthodontic solutions that are being used by many people to improve oral health. However, there are still many problems that people wonder such as: How long do braces take? How is the process? The following article will provide information to help you answer these questions.

What are crooked teeth and should braces be worn or not?

Crooked teeth is a phenomenon where the number 3 teeth grow out of the jaw instead of growing vertically in a row like other teeth. Crooked teeth can grow either outward or inward.

Niềng răng khểnh và 1001 câu hỏi vì sao về phương pháp này

According to the Asian concept, crooked teeth are a special feature on the face, making the smile more charming and attractive. However, in the case of crooked teeth growing inside the jaw, the crooked teeth growing too high can cause loss of aesthetics. In addition, according to dental experts, these cases can lead to misalignment of the bite, making it difficult to chew and clean teeth. From there, it leads to many other dental problems.

To answer the question: Should braces be crooked or not? You need to fully consider the influencing factors. If the teeth do not interfere with the chewing function of the jaw and make the smile more charming, you can completely keep it. In turn, in the case of crooked teeth that change the bite, protrude too much or make it difficult to clean your teeth, you should visit a dental facility. Your dentist will examine you and recommend the most suitable orthodontic options for you.

The most popular methods of braces today

Crooked teeth can be treated with a variety of braces. 

When you want to straighten your teeth, currently on the market there are many different types of braces, patients will easily choose for themselves the most suitable method, specifically:

Niềng răng khểnh và 1001 câu hỏi vì sao về phương pháp này

  • Metal braces: It is a traditional orthodontic method with a system of metal brackets. With strong tightening force on teeth, this method is highly effective and takes a shorter time than other therapies. However, in return, this method is not appreciated for aesthetics.
  • Ceramic braces: This is a method of braces that uses braces made from high-quality porcelain. Their biggest advantage is that they have the same color as real teeth, from which the best aesthetics are guaranteed. However, the cost of implementation is higher than using metal braces.
  • Clear braces: This is the most modern method of braces that many people choose. Because the tray is transparent, it helps to increase the aesthetics as well as the operator can remove the tray easily and quickly. However, the implementation cost is often high, possibly up to hundreds of millions of dong, so not everyone is eligible to choose.

Reveal the questions about crooked braces for you

Braces are a popular orthodontic method, so around the treatment there are many questions of patients. The information below will help you answer those questions.

How long does it take to straighten teeth?

Usually, the time of braces will last from 6 months to 2 years depending on the jaw structure and position of the crooked teeth. In addition, the treatment time also depends a lot on the method of braces you choose. If using braces with brackets, the treatment process will take place faster. When you choose the solution of braces without braces, the time of braces will last longer, but this method is more aesthetic.

Do braces really hurt to the point of dying over and over again?

In the early days of the braces process, uncomfortable pain is inevitable. The reason you feel pain is because the teeth are just beginning to be affected by the external pull and begin to move. After about 1-3 weeks, this feeling will gradually disappear, the patient does not need to be too worried.

Orthodontic crooked teeth need extraction or not?

Do you need to remove your crooked teeth before getting braces? This is a question many people ask when they want to straighten their teeth. Whether or not you will need to extract your teeth will depend on the condition of your teeth.

Niềng răng khểnh và 1001 câu hỏi vì sao về phương pháp này

If the arch is not enough for the teeth to move back in line, it is necessary to extract the crooked teeth to create more space. Doctors will also calculate in detail the effects of tooth extraction on oral health. After making sure these effects are not worrisome, they will proceed to extract the tooth.

Notes during orthodontic treatment

In order for the treatment process to be highly effective, you should note a few things below.

  • Clean your teeth regularly and properly according to the doctor’s instructions.
  • Prioritize soft, dilute foods to reduce pressure on teeth. In addition, adequate calcium in the diet helps to keep teeth strong.
  • Do not eat foods that are too hot, too cold, too hard or too chewy because during this period the teeth become very sensitive. Strong impact from the outside will very easily affect the arch wire and the process of tooth movement.
  • Monitor the progress of treatment, if there are any abnormal signs, consult your doctor immediately.
  • Regular check-ups according to the doctor’s appointment, help the braces process achieve the best results

Above are detailed sharing about crooked braces, the process and the notes when doing it. Hope the above information has been helpful to readers in the process of learning about this issue, If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the article or contact us immediately for support free.

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