Are braces painful, when are the painful stages, … are the worries and concerns of many customers. So what’s the problem with this? Let’s find out with us right here.

Braces hurt?

Braces are a way to help you have straight teeth. However, there are still many customers who wonder if braces are painful and are afraid of pain when performing them. 

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Back to the question, do braces hurt? In essence, braces do not have any invasion to the jawbone, tissues, or gums, so braces only hurt but at each stage and within the allowable level, within the tolerable threshold and certainly not too much. pain as you imagine. 

In addition, with the current development of braces technology, the problem of painful braces is no longer an obstacle. Because new methods will overcome the disadvantages of pain and sensitivity most effectively. However, braces are not always painful, but will hurt depending on the stage of implementation.

Braces hurt? period of toothache when braces

In addition to the question of whether braces are painful. The most painful period of braces is also a question of many people. In the process of braces, there are many difficult stages, but tooth pain is only at certain stages, not constant, piercing, scary pain as many customers think. 

And how much pain, pain in any stage is up to each person’s perception, because many people have a low pain threshold, while there are guests with a high pain threshold. However, periods of toothache often appear mainly before braces and during braces. 

Toothache before braces

Toothache before braces will include the general treatment time and the time when brackets are not attached such as: Treatment of dental diseases, attaching elastic bands, attaching sutures, extracting teeth, expanding jaws.

Treatment of dental diseases such as tooth decay, pulpitis

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In some cases, the pulp of the tooth is damaged, leading to an infection, so the doctor is forced to conduct root canal treatment to limit the pulp festering that affects the surrounding bone, making the process of braces effective. than. Root canal treatment is also quite painful, so you need to maintain good dental hygiene to avoid tooth decay leading to pulp damage and pulpitis. 

Get tartar 

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Tartar is food debris left over after eating that will form plaque and tartar in between teeth, necks and under gums. The removal of tartar helps limit periodontitis, ensuring that the teeth are in healthy bone before braces. For those of you who have a low pain threshold or have tartar under the gums, you will feel a little pain and toothache when scaling.

Attach the split elastic

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Interstitial separation is the stage of attaching the elastic to each tooth, usually in teeth 6 and 7. After 1 week, the placement of the elastic will open a small space for the doctor to easily put sutures in. When the interstitial separation will create a feeling of slight discomfort, tension and many customers feel this is the most uncomfortable stage in the braces process.

Stitching braces

Attach stitches to teeth 6 and 7 to hold and anchor the remaining teeth in front. The stitches when attached to the teeth may scratch your cheeks and gums, causing pain but not too much pain. 

Tooth extraction

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In some cases where there is no space on the jaw, the doctor will appoint a tooth extraction to create a space, making it easier to straighten the teeth back into the right position. There are cases where only 2 teeth need to be extracted, but there are cases where 4 or 6 teeth need to be extracted for braces.

Jaw enlargement

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Jaw dilation is indicated in case the jaw is misaligned, unevenly rounded or the jaw is narrow, the doctor will expand it to create a distance to move the teeth, and at the same time help your arch to achieve the correct ratio. standard. The time to expand the jaw usually lasts from 2 to 3 months, or maybe longer depending on the case. 

Toothache while wearing braces

Attach minivis

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Minivis is one of the orthodontic appliances built in the shape of a spiral, made from Titanium. When wearing braces, in some cases, the doctor will put minivis into the jawbone to create a tight anchor point, helping to create force for the remaining teeth to move. 

Teeth tightening monthly

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When you have braces, you will have to visit the dentist every month to tighten your teeth to help the teeth move into the right position, on the days when the teeth move. If you squeeze your teeth, you will feel numb and painful for about 2-3 days.

How to reduce pain when braces?

So, the problem of braces pain is not sure you have the answer. Although braces can cause you pain, discomfort. However, this is a safe, effective solution to help own perfect teeth. So how to reduce pain when braces?

Here are some tips for you:

Relieve pain by eating right

As shared, during the braces process, you will have difficulty and pain when eating. Therefore, you should choose soft foods to avoid injury and distort or break braces. Some suggestions for you include:

  • Boiled dishes
  • Porridge, soup
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit juice.

Apply ice or use dental wax

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An effective method to help you relieve pain when braces are cold compresses. In some other cases, the doctor may prescribe dental soft wax. As a result, it can help you limit ulcers, heal wounds in the mouth.

Choose a reputable braces address

Choosing a reputable braces address is an important factor to help you limit pain when braces. In particular, choosing braces at Hanoi Cosmetic Dentistry is a suggestion for you.

Singae Dental Clinic has a team of well-trained and highly specialized dental doctors. At the same time, here are applying modern and advanced braces techniques. Thanks to that, it will be possible to ensure effective, safe and painless braces when performing.

Above are the answers to the pain of braces? Hope the article will be useful, helping you pocket experience when deciding to braces. From there, regain your confidence and own a picture-perfect smile.

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