How to change before and after braces is an issue that many customers are very interested in. And if you are also wondering about this problem, then follow the article below to find the answer

In the process of braces, over time will give you significant changes in aesthetics as well as chewing function of the teeth. So how does the face before and after braces change?

Positive changes before and after braces

Some positive changes before and after braces that you can clearly notice such as:

Change face shape before and after braces

Possessing imperfect teeth is one of the reasons why they lose confidence in daily communication. Because of that, dental problems can affect the face, making the shape not really beautiful.

According to industry experts, people with a wide jawline, the face will feel a bit bigger and rougher, out of balance compared to the overall. Meanwhile, in cases of overbite teeth, disproportionate upper jaw and lower jaw, this makes the face angle unnatural. If you want to know how beautiful braces are to quickly make an early orthodontic decision, you can refer to some specific before and after braces cases below:

V-line chin support braces

Most of the faces before and after braces are underbite, protruding, crooked teeth have changed. But the degree of change more or less depends on many different factors such as the condition of the teeth, the method of intervention, the level of intervention and the location of each person. In the current era, the V-line chin is the standard of beauty that many people have to undergo surgical intervention to own it. But sometimes just braces is enough to own this perfect face.

Những thay đổi [ trước và sau khi niềng răng ] mà bạn nên biết

The reason is that braces not only pull the force back to its original position, but this pull also causes the jawbone to pull. After some time, the jawbone gradually stabilizes, the face will be reshaped, it can be a round, square or V-shaped chin.

Face slimmer

Many people wonder if braces are more beautiful? Specifically, this is certainly possible because the teeth are misaligned, overcrowded and especially those with wide jaws will improve significantly after completing the braces process. Especially the face is slimmer because the tooth structure is stabilized, the teeth are in the right position as planned.

Braces for a higher nose feel

Những thay đổi [ trước và sau khi niềng răng ] mà bạn nên biết

In fact, braces do not make the nose higher, but it is the correlation of the angle of the mouth and nose that will make the mouth symmetrical, and the nose and middle angle of the mouth wider. It all makes the nose look clearer and taller.

Change the ability to eat and chew before and after braces

Bite joint and jaw relationship play an important role to help create standard contact between the two jaws, the jaw moves smoothly to completely crush the food. For people with the following dental problems, they will not be able to perform normal chewing functions such as:

Những thay đổi [ trước và sau khi niềng răng ] mà bạn nên biết

– Inverted bite: The lower teeth protrude outward, covering all the upper teeth, the face will break in the middle, causing the loss of symmetry.

– Open bite: The two teeth do not fit together, creating a gap, the opposite communicator can see the tongue.

– Class 2 bite: Excessive protrusion of the upper teeth is also the cause of protruding jaws, protruding lips and symmetrical cooling of the two jaws.

– Cross bite : The teeth in the two arches are misaligned in different directions, causing the teeth to lose symmetry.

Opposite bite: The front teeth of the upper jaw touch the front teeth of the lower jaw, causing the two jaws not to contact each other.

Thus, when owning teeth with a misaligned bite, besides making the face look unsightly, it also makes them feel guilty, not confident in normal daily communication. So one of the changes of braces before and after is to support good chewing ability and help overcome the following problems:

– Improve well the impaired chewing function, this is one of the reasons that hinder the eating process.

Jaw muscles do not have to be overworked to minimize sphincter, temporomandibular joint pain, and temporomandibular joint disorders.

– Reduces the risk of dental disease for easier cleaning, reducing problems and speech such as slurred pronunciation.

Reduces the risk of diseases related to the digestive system because food is usually completely crushed.

Negative changes before and after braces

There are not only positive changes that make the face before and after braces more beautiful. During the process of braces, you have to wear a lot of brackets, so eating becomes difficult. In the early stages, the harm of braces is that many patients are prone to weight loss, sunken cheeks and sunken temples. This is also the most negative change that makes many people not really determined to do orthodontics.

In addition, the patient also suffers from pain due to pulling and the doctor’s periodic tooth tightening is increasing in the first 1-2 months, which affects health, uncomfortable mood. However, when getting used to braces, the patient can eat normally and no longer feel discomfort due to having to squeeze too much, the worries about changing appearance are no longer a concern. .

A few notes before and after braces

Braces before and after need you to pay attention to efficiency and safety in each braces stage. Therefore, here are some notes before and after braces to prepare you psychologically.

Before braces

Before getting braces, you should go to the dental facilities to examine as well as better understand the problem of the teeth, the severity and severity to be given a reasonable solution. In particular, in the case of misaligned teeth or other dental diseases, it is necessary to take an X-ray of the teeth to know the cause of the teeth or the jaw. Note:

Những thay đổi [ trước và sau khi niềng răng ] mà bạn nên biết

Choosing to visit a reputable and quality dental facility will help you have a suitable treatment schedule. Besides, it is also necessary to learn about the team of doctors, giving priority to highly skilled doctors to feel more secure during the orthodontic treatment.

– Before braces, you need to visit a dentist to determine the condition and be instructed to immediately eliminate problems such as tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc. to be able to conduct fast and effective treatment. fruit.

After braces

When the teeth have been straightened and moved by the doctors to the correct position, this stage will also take you a little more time because:

The process of braces needs to follow the doctor’s instructions about the diet as well as the way to take care of your teeth to ensure the most complete and correct way.

– At the stage of braces, it is not mandatory to eat only one or any type of food. Just the patient should avoid sugary foods, too cold or too hot, foods that are too hard. Avoid using tobacco, alcohol, beer or any drink that can damage the braces process.

Oral hygiene is an indispensable part of braces. Choose a soft toothbrush and toothpaste made for people with braces. In addition, it is necessary to use more dental floss and mouthwash to help remove plaque on appliances, avoiding affecting brackets or related diseases.

– Visit the doctor as directed by the doctor to treat according to the given regimen. You should strictly follow the requirements set out by the dentist to get the best braces results.

Above are the changes before and after braces that you may encounter. If you encounter any problems during the braces process, please contact the clinic so that the doctors can examine and offer timely correction methods. If you have any questions about orthodontic methods, please contact us via hotline for advice and to schedule a free consultation.

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