Why to safely implant teeth Implant must ensure aseptic and aseptic factors; What are the 3 standards of sterility before implantation,…. Let’s find out this information with us in the article below.

Why to safely implant teeth Implant must ensure sterility?

In addition to the skill of the doctor and the specialized and modern equipment, ensuring the sterility factor is the most important criterion in the safe implantation of dental implants in particular and general dental treatment in general. shared.

When the implant is placed into the jawbone under sterile and aseptic conditions, it will speed up the healing speed and shorten the integration time between the post and the jawbone. Thanks to that, the implant post will quickly stabilize, the treatment time will be shortened.

According to the doctors at Singae Dental, Implant must be done in a separate room with absolute sterility standards. For example, the dental chair and the implant room will be separate rooms, not shared with other services to avoid cross-contamination.

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3 standards of sterility and sterility to safely conduct dental implants

As the address of a specialized dental clinic specialized in implantation for middle-aged people in Vietnam, Singae Dental always ensures compliance and strictly implements 3 aseptic and aseptic standards to ensure implantation. Implant teeth are safe as follows:

Aseptic process of closed instruments and separate Implant room

With a system of modern machinery imported from advanced countries in the world such as Singapore, USA, Germany, …. Singae dental ensures absolute compliance with aseptic procedures during treatment steps. Medical instruments are carefully cleaned, disinfected and sterilized. All these jobs are carried out strictly in a closed process, meeting the strict standards of the Ministry of Health.

Cấy ghép răng Implant an toàn với 3 tiêu chuẩn vô trùng, vô khuẩn

The team performing the aseptic procedure of Singae dental are all well-trained and regularly specialized in their expertise. When performing aseptic handling of instruments, those that do not meet the standards will be immediately discarded and completely replaced.

In addition, the safe dental implant room of Singae dentistry is designed specifically with medical standards. The transplant room is arranged in a cool place, a comfortable space so that the patient will be more relaxed, comfortable and natural when performing the treatment.

Sterilize the transplant room before and after the treatment

To perform a safe implant procedure for a customer, all tools will be prepared in advance. Spaces, dental chairs, sterile gowns, assistive devices are all in a ready position.

Cấy ghép răng Implant an toàn với 3 tiêu chuẩn vô trùng, vô khuẩn

At Singae dental, any dental instruments and equipment that come into direct or indirect contact with customers will be kept sterile. Even the air in the transplant room, the floor, and the room slippers will all be sterilized by a separate process.

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Ensure sterility for doctors and customers so that the implant process is safe

The effectiveness of the dental implant method depends a lot on the compliance with the sterile process of both the doctor and the customer.

Cấy ghép răng Implant an toàn với 3 tiêu chuẩn vô trùng, vô khuẩn

Accordingly, the team of doctors and assistants before performing Implant for customers must follow the steps of washing hands in accordance with medical procedures. At the same time, must wear hats, masks, gloves and clothes that have been autoclaved.

On the client’s side, before performing the implant, the doctor will be advised by the doctor on proper oral hygiene, plaque control, and treatment of oral symptoms if any. In particular, before proceeding to place the implant into the jawbone, the customer will be wearing a sterile shirt and hat to avoid cross-contamination.

Thus, the sterility factor in implant placement not only ensures the safety of the customer but also demonstrates the responsibility and ethics of a medical address, of a doctor.

The above is the information explaining why it is advisable to perform a sterile aseptic process for safe Implant surgery. If you still have any questions, please contact us via our hotline for free consultation and appointment.

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