Can diabetics grow teeth? This is a concern of most customers with diabetes, because this disease is easy to get infected if scratched or bleeds because high blood sugar lowers the body’s resistance.

Diabetes 15.2 for 20 years…

Anyone, even a person with long-term diabetes, hears the number 20 years and admires. Many people with diabetes 8-10 points are very tired, the diet is already very strict… and for Mr. Tran Van Dien (76 years old) is no exception, those 20 years made his life. messed up a lot.

Every day to be able to maintain a stable blood sugar level, the doctor must implement the treatment method with appropriate diet and exercise as prescribed by the doctor. At the same time, the doctor takes medication and periodically monitors blood sugar at least once every 3 months.

Due to high diabetes, your teeth also cause periodontitis for a long time, leading to tooth loss. When he went to Singae dental clinic, he lost all of his lower teeth and suffered severe bone loss. Uncle also added: I have diabetes, I have abstained from eating and drinking, but now I can’t bite, can’t chew. Just eat porridge forever, very boring. How can you live like that?”

tiểu đường có trồng được răng implant không
Uncle Dien lost all his lower teeth

The longing to soon have teeth to eat and drink, made him go everywhere looking for treatment….but still to no avail. “Until I met the doctors in Singae, I seemed to be at the bottom of despair,” said Doctor Dien.

Can people with diabetes plant Implants at Singae Dental?

The process of general examination and CT Conebeam showed that Dien’s case was a very difficult case. First, diabetes is 15.2 high. Secondly, I have been missing teeth for a long time, so my bones have been lost a lot.

In the treatment and restoration of tooth loss with the Implant method, the stabilizing factor of the amount of blood moving to the wound formed after implantation is very important and should be ensured, so as not only to speed up the healing, but also enhances bone integration and rapidly stabilizes the implanted implant. Therefore, for patients with unstable blood flow such as when suffering from diabetes, the process of implanting teeth needs to be performed in a sterile environment and a team of highly qualified doctors.

After consulting with the Expert Council in Singapore, the doctor decided to plant 3 mini Implants for Dr. Dien. Mini Implant is suitable for Doctor Dien, who has poor bones, and saves money. All developments in the Mini Implant case are in the pre-prepared plan. The dental implant case was extremely successful.

After 1 month, Dr. Dien returned to Singae to install teeth and finish the treatment. Uncle shared: “So from now on, I have a chewing tooth, thank you doctor. Highly qualified doctor and very enthusiastic staff.”

The happy smile on Mr. Dien’s face is a valuable motivation for Singae Dental. Therefore, elderly people with diabetes should not be afraid or worried that they will miss the opportunity to eat comfortably instead of eating porridge or soft foods all day long.

With the ability to completely overcome the shortcomings of the old methods: removable jaws, porcelain bridges, dental implants are the most advanced and modern methods to help customers restore lost teeth. Singae Dental always accompanies customers on the journey to regain their smile, optimism and health.

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