Are you wondering ” Does tartar whiten teeth ?”, “How much does tartar cost?” or “Effective teeth whitening method?”. To answer all these questions, we invite you to follow the full article below with the consultation of a specialist doctor at Singae dentistry.

Does tartar whiten teeth?

Lấy cao răng có trắng răng không
Taking tartar only helps teeth become brighter

Getting tartar to whiten teeth no longer depends on the cause of yellow teeth.

– If teeth are yellowed due to food plaque, after removing tartar, the teeth will whiten a few parts.

– But if teeth are stained for antibiotic infection, due to lack of enamel, due to smoking… then tartar removal cannot improve the color of teeth.

In any case, the removal of tartar only helps to remove the hard plaque on the teeth, around the teeth and deep under the gums. Tartar does not affect tooth enamel, so tartar is not an effective teeth whitening method. You can use teeth whitening instead.

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What should I do to whiten my teeth?

Currently, there are many different methods or technologies of teeth whitening applied in dental clinics. Prominent among them is WhiteMax teeth whitening technology applied by Singae dental clinic to whiten teeth for customers. WhiteMax is the first and only technology confirmed by experts at the World Dental Association for its safety and outstanding teeth whitening ability. This technology allows for quick whitening, the teeth whitening process only takes about 60 minutes to complete, without causing pain or any harm.

The advantage of the WhiteMax method is the combination of teeth whitening and the use of laser light to remove molecules that cause yellow teeth. Help you own beautiful white teeth naturally. At the same time, the ingredient in teeth whitening pills also contains fluoride to help protect tooth enamel and gums safely and good for oral health. WhiteMax teeth whitening technology is considered a revolution in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Although it was born not long ago, it has been selected and evaluated by the world’s leading dental experts.

Lấy cao răng có trắng răng không?
Teeth before and after whitening

Is teeth whitening harmful?

Currently, there are many methods to help improve the color of teeth. In particular, teeth whitening is a method widely applied in Vietnam and many countries around the world. Teeth whitening is researched and published as safe for oral health, does not harm tooth enamel, does not change tooth structure. However, to ensure maximum safety, customers should choose a reputable clinic, using genuine teeth whitening products.  

Lấy cao răng có làm trắng răng
Is laser teeth whitening safe?

In case of teeth whitening at home, you should have the guidance of a doctor, avoid using drugs of unknown origin, improper process, leading to serious oral diseases.

In fact, there are a few cases where customers feel pain, tooth sensitivity after whitening. However, according to dental experts, this is a normal symptom, not dangerous. This feeling will quickly disappear after a few hours of teeth whitening.

Most people can whiten their teeth except for a few cases below:

  • Pregnant and lactating women, because the active ingredients in teeth whitening products affect the health of young children later on.
  • Children under 16 years old. Bleaching can irritate the pulp, making teeth more sensitive.
  • People who are suffering from periodontitis, tooth decay, worn neck teeth, open neck teeth.
  • The client shows signs of allergy to bleach.

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How much does tartar and teeth whitening cost? 

For the method of removing tartar that does not require a complicated procedure, the treatment time is quick and only takes 10-15 minutes to complete. Therefore, the cost to get tartar is relatively cheap. It only takes from 150,000 to 300,000 VND to remove tartar and polish teeth. 

Compared to the service of taking tartar, teeth whitening will require more modern equipment. In addition, this method also requires the use of teeth whitening agents imported from abroad. The technique is more complicated, the treatment time is longer, and the cost of teeth whitening is higher. Depending on the bleaching technology that the customer chooses, the coloration status, the cost to whiten teeth will range from VND 2,500,000 to VND 3,000,000. 

The article on Singae dental has sent you accurate information about tartar to whiten teeth? Tartar for a long time will be the cause of serious diseases. Therefore, customers should go to get tartar periodically every 6 months.

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