How long do porcelain teeth last? What factors affect the life of porcelain teeth?… That is the concern of many customers when learning about this porcelain line. To clarify these concerns of our customers, let’s find out in the article below!

What is the average lifespan of porcelain teeth?

How long the lifespan of porcelain teeth will depend on many related factors such as:

  • Where to plant porcelain teeth?
  • What is porcelain tooth material?
  • Is porcelain dental hygiene good enough?

In fact, there are many cases of porcelain crowns that have a lifespan of up to 20 years. However, there are many people who experience bad dental conditions after only 6 months or 1 year. Common causes are poor quality porcelain teeth, poor doctor’s skills, improper oral hygiene, etc.

Therefore, the lifespan of porcelain teeth does not have a specific number. In cases where porcelain teeth are damaged, you need to go to the dentist to be checked, adjusted or replaced by a doctor.

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Factors related to the lifespan of porcelain teeth?

The cost of a porcelain crown is quite large, so many people are interested in how many years they last?

Porcelain material used

Porcelain material used determines quite a lot to the life of porcelain teeth. For those of you who have weak teeth, easily chipped, you should choose all-ceramic teeth, which have a durability of teeth up to 20 years. Besides, the aesthetics of these teeth do not disappoint.

Những yếu tố ảnh hưởng tới tuổi thọ của răng sứ

In contrast, with the line of metal porcelain teeth, the cost is relatively low and the bearing capacity is quite poor. Over time, these types of porcelain teeth will darken the gum line. The lifespan of metal porcelain teeth only ranges from 5-7 years and needs to be completely replaced.

Dentist’s porcelain restoration technique

The longevity of porcelain teeth also depends a lot on the dental restoration technique of the dentist. In many cases, doctors grind teeth or attach porcelain crowns to the wrong technique, leading to dangerous consequences such as affecting the pulp, porcelain teeth with open roots, trapped food causing gingivitis, tooth decay, bad breath. …

Teeth condition

Before deciding to go for porcelain crowns , you need to go directly to the dentist to be examined by a doctor and determine the current tooth background condition.

Những yếu tố ảnh hưởng tới tuổi thọ của răng sứ

Problems with oral conditions such as pulpitis, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc., if not thoroughly overcome before porcelain crowns, will affect the life of the teeth.

On the contrary, if the disease of the teeth is completely overcome, it will limit the porcelain teeth after the cover is loose, infected, …

Oral hygiene mode

Những yếu tố ảnh hưởng tới tuổi thọ của răng sứ

The longevity of porcelain teeth is prolonged or not depends a lot on your clean oral hygiene regime. If you take care of your teeth properly and regularly, porcelain teeth will be strong and durable to their natural lifespan. In many cases, porcelain teeth can be permanent, just like real teeth.

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Habits that help prolong the life of porcelain teeth

Long or short porcelain teeth life depends largely on oral hygiene habits and daily eating. In addition, good habits also help your teeth prevent unnecessary complications.

Pay attention to oral hygiene to prolong the life of porcelain teeth

Proper oral hygiene is the best way to help prolong the life of your porcelain teeth. Here are some notes you can refer to to clean your porcelain teeth:

  • Frequency: Brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning after waking up and at night before going to bed.
  • Brush: You should choose a brush with soft bristles.
  • The right way to brush your teeth: Start with the place that comes into contact with the tooth and gum tissue. Continue to vibrate the brush head about 20 times in a circular motion so that the bristles get into the gum crevices easily. At this point, you use more gentle brushing force. Instead of brushing horizontally, you should brush vertically to protect your teeth.
  • Cleaning plaque in the interstitium: You should use dental floss to remove. Then, use a dedicated mouthwash or salt water to keep the oral cavity clean. Avoid using toothpicks or other items to clean porcelain teeth.

Say no to foods that are harmful to your teeth

To help your porcelain teeth be strong over time, it is necessary to practice the habit of avoiding foods that are harmful to your teeth as follows:

Những yếu tố ảnh hưởng tới tuổi thọ của răng sứ

Food that is too hard: Even real teeth when eating foods that are too hard can break easily. When you bite too hard food such as bones, sugarcane, etc. or bite any hard object, your teeth are easily shaken, and over time are no longer strong.

Food that is too hot, too cold: For those of you who have sensitive areas and sensitive teeth, eating foods that are too hot or too cold will also make your teeth more susceptible to damage.

Food with a lot of coloring: Food containing colorants is not only bad for your teeth but also affects your health. Regardless of whether you have porcelain crowns or not, you should not eat a lot of foods or drinks that contain dyes or contain coloring agents. Especially, if you want to keep the brightness, you should not eat many dishes with sauce, should not drink coffee, tea, etc.

Carbonated drinks: After porcelain crowns, you can still drink carbonated water, but limit it. In this drink contains a lot of acid, so it increases the risk of damaging the porcelain, increasing the possibility of bacterial infection and creating oral diseases.

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Regular dental check-up

To prolong the life of porcelain teeth, you should have regular dental check-ups at reputable dental units. The average time is every 6 months or at least once a year in order to detect pathological problems, the condition of porcelain teeth, etc… from which there are effective ways to overcome them in a short time. Dental disease often has initial manifestations such as bad breath, tooth decay, sensitive teeth, etc. When you encounter these problems, you should go to the doctor and treat as soon as possible.

Above is the basic information about the lifespan of porcelain crowns that hope to be useful to you. If you have not had porcelain crowns, go to a reputable dentist to be examined and consulted on a course of treatment suitable for your current oral condition. For those of you who have had porcelain crowns, try to maintain oral hygiene habits, a healthy diet and regular dental checkups to increase the life of porcelain teeth.

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