How long does it take for braces to become even and beautiful teeth is a question many customers ask when performing orthodontic treatment. Follow along with the article below to find out the answer

How long does it take for braces to make teeth even and beautiful?

How long does it take for teeth to be even and beautiful with braces? Usually, for braces with any orthodontic method, the time will range from 18 to 24 months. However, for cases where the customer’s teeth are too misaligned, the defects are too serious, the time of braces can be longer, even up to 36 months.

[ Niềng răng bao lâu ] thì có hàm răng đều, đẹp?

Compared to other dental methods such as Implants, porcelain crowns, etc., braces have a much longer treatment time. Therefore, when performing this method, customers need to be patient and follow the instructions of the doctor.

Depending on the structure of the jaw bone, the degree of deviation, and the customer’s wishes, the dentist will advise you on the appropriate method of braces.

How long is the duration of braces for each stage?

Usually, it takes 18-24 months to complete a braces treatment. This time is counted from the time the doctor attaches the appliances to the time they remove them. This period is divided into the following phases:

– Stage 1: Align the teeth on the jaw from 2 to 6 months

– Stage 2: Adjust the axis of the teeth for the next 3-6 months

– Stage 3: Adjust the entire bite in the next 6-9 months

Stage 4: Maintaining the stability of the teeth, lasting from the last 6-9 months.

Braces time for each subject

For each different customer, how long the braces will take will be different. Specifically like:

Children’s braces

Children’s braces are divided into 2 stages: the period from 6 to 11 years old is wearing an orthodontic trainer and the puberty period from 12 to 16 years old, using braces methods.

[ Niềng răng bao lâu ] thì có hàm răng đều, đẹp?

Children’s braces are the most favorable time for the rearrangement of teeth to be the most stable, to erupt in the correct position and to prevent deviations in teeth, jawbone or other oral defects such as protruding teeth, underbites. , misaligned teeth, misaligned bite, …

Usually, for children who are children, the time of braces will be shorter than for adults. Because at this time, the child’s jawbone is not stable, the teeth are easy to move. In addition, children with braces will not have to extract teeth or use other orthodontic appliances such as elastics, minivis, … so it will be much simpler. Therefore, when you see that your child has signs of teeth that are misaligned, sparse, protruding, underbite, etc., take them to a reputable dental clinic for a methodical and scientific examination and treatment. , safe for children.

Adult braces (ages 17 and up)

For adolescents, this is the period when teeth and jawbone have fully developed, so many parents worry that the time of braces will be long. However, currently, orthodontic methods have been applying modern and advanced techniques along with professional and experienced doctors, making braces for adults become extremely easy and time consuming. shortened than before and the results are as desired by the customer.

[ Niềng răng bao lâu ] thì có hàm răng đều, đẹp?

The duration of braces in adults will vary depending on the difficulty of the patient’s teeth. At the level of irregular teeth, on average, the time of braces is from 12-18 months. In difficult cases due to the degree of messy teeth, severe overbite, the time of braces is 2-3 years.

Factors affecting braces time

How long braces take to achieve the desired results is what most people intending to get braces are concerned about. In fact, there is no specific number because this time period is affected by many factors such as:

Age of braces

Experts said that the ideal age for braces is from 12 to 16 years old or earlier depending on the location and developmental status of the child. Because this is the time when the jawbone is not fully developed, creating favorable conditions for orthodontic treatment, helping teeth move easily, and adjusting the bite.

Condition of teeth

Depending on the degree of deviation and complexity of the tooth structure and jawbone, there are different braces time. For example: The time of braces is sparse, protruding, slightly underbite, strong jawbone, … will be shorter than wide teeth, protruding, heavy dishes, weak jawbone, … Besides, you suffer from some oral diseases such as: tooth decay, periodontal disease, pulpitis, etc., then you have to treat these diseases before you can start doing braces, so the time will take a little longer.

Doctor braces

The doctor is the most important factor in deciding the length of braces. The doctor examines and advises on the correct braces plan, predicts the direction of tooth movement, helps the braces process take place effectively and ends on time.

Braces method

There are two most popular methods of braces today: braces and braces without braces (Invisalign Braces). Each method will have its pros and cons as well as the time it takes to get results. Patients will be consulted, choose the appropriate method according to their teeth and financial situation. In particular, invisalign braces is a method that is highly appreciated by dental professionals for its quality, safety, aesthetics and shortens the time of braces, but it is the most expensive.

Oral hygiene: When wearing braces, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions for proper oral hygiene and care. Clean teeth, remove plaque to avoid gingivitis, tooth decay, .. will not take more treatment time, helping to shorten the time of braces.

Periodic dental examination: During braces, it is necessary to visit the doctor according to the doctor’s appointment to monitor and correct the deviations, the risk of dental disease in time, to shorten the time of braces.

Diet for braces: Avoid eating hard, tough, flexible foods, .. will affect the joints and brackets; Limiting eating foods rich in starch, sugar, etc. will cause the risk of tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis due to food plaque stuck on between teeth, brackets, difficult to clean.

Above is information about how long braces take to have a beautiful and even teeth. If you still have any information, still have questions or want to learn more about orthodontic methods, please contact us via hotline for advice as well as to schedule a free face-to-face examination.

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