How much does dental filling cost? Is there a difference in the cost of filling a cavity and a chipped tooth? Is filling large holes more expensive than filling small holes? Those are all concerns of customers when coming to Singae Dental Clinic, to answer those questions, please read the article below!

Causes of tooth decay?

Dental caries is a common disease in the community, accounting for about 60-70% of oral diseases, especially caries in the chewing position.

The main cause of tooth decay is due to the attack of bacteria available in the food plaque in the oral cavity that has formed acidic substances. These substances will destroy the structure of the teeth and form holes.

Hàn răng sâu giá bao nhiêu
Bacteria in the oral cavity cause tooth decay

The cost of tooth filling depends on the filling material

Dental filling materials are one of the factors affecting the cost of dental fillings. Currently, dental fillings have many materials such as Composite, Amalgam, porcelain and GIC. These are the most popular materials. Each material will have characteristics suitable for different types of teeth. Among them, Composite is one of the dental filling materials chosen by many people. Because it uses safe compound forms, providing strong side adhesion. In addition, it also helps restore decayed teeth and bring perfect beauty to your teeth.

Composite filling materials:

Composite is a filling material that is highly appreciated for its color and adhesion to the teeth. This material is often used to fill teeth with high aesthetic requirements. Compared to Amalgam, Composite has a more natural color, more similar to real teeth.

Hàn răng sâu giá bao nhiêu
Welding porcelain teeth with Composite material

Outstanding features of Composite

– Possesses good compressive strength and rigidity.

– High wear resistance in the oral cavity.  

– Material has many colors for customers to choose

– High biocompatibility, safe for the body

– The process of dental filling is complicated, technically difficult, and requires a highly skilled doctor.


– Used for the group of incisors that need aesthetics

– Welding the neck of the tooth

– Molars need hardness.

The doctor will proceed to pour the material directly on the tooth and correct it according to the tooth mold. The average lifespan of a dental filling will range from 5-8 years.

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Amalgam filling materials:

Amalgam is a traditional welding material, usually silver in color. This material is quite durable, but the color is not beautiful, so it is often used to seal deep teeth, most commonly molars.

Hàn rắng sâu giá bao nhiêu
Dental fillings with Amalgam material

Features of Amalgam:

– Effectively fix cavities.

– Strong teeth, good chewing.

– The price of Amalgam material can be considered the cheapest of the current materials.

– The biggest disadvantage of Amalgam is that the aesthetics are not high, so it is often used to fill in decayed molars.

Porcelain dental filling materials.

In addition to the main materials as above, today porcelain dental fillings are also an effective restoration technique for teeth by making a filling made of high-quality dental porcelain to ensure restoration like real teeth. . Porcelain is suitable for cases with large chipped teeth, requires more complex aesthetics and is usually applied mainly to molars.

hàn răng sâu giá bao nhiêu
Welding teeth with porcelain materials

Features of porcelain material:

Porcelain teeth have high durability, using time up to 15-20 years.

– Crafted according to the dental condition of each person should ensure aesthetics.

– Materials are often indicated to fill molars or prevent dental caries in children.

GIC. Material

 GIC: This is the material used a lot for filling baby teeth. GIC has the ability to release fluoride to prevent recurrence of caries. Compared with other materials, GIC has less hardness and strength, and is prone to corrosion.

Hàn răng sâu giá bao nhiêu
Welding teeth with GIC material

Features of GIC

– Has a higher aesthetic value than Amalgam but lower than Composite

Fluoride-containing GIC has the ability to prevent recurrent caries.

– Powder white color, like the color of teeth, should be highly aesthetic.

– The cost of filling teeth with GIC materials is relatively cheap.

– Suitable for the following conditions: worn root collar, cracked front teeth, …

The cost of deep tooth filling depends on the number of welds

Depending on the number of decayed teeth and the number of welds, the cost of dental fillings will vary. If the number of decayed teeth is large, the cost will increase. This means that the smaller the tooth decay, the lower the cost. With heavily decayed teeth, it will take a long time to process, the volume of filling material needs to be used more. That is why the larger the number of welds, the higher the cost of welding. On average, a weld will range from 300,000 – 500,000, depending on each facility, this cost will vary. The cost of dental fillings will change when the number of teeth is different.

Mối hàng càng nhiều thì chi phí càng cao
The more connections, the higher the cost

The cost of dental fillings depends on the dental condition

Besides the filling material and the number of welds, the condition of the teeth is also one of the factors that affect the price of dental fillings. When visiting the dentist, the doctor will conduct a preliminary examination to assess the condition of your tooth decay, whether the tooth is severely or lightly decayed to have a reasonable treatment method. With a mild tooth decay, the treatment will be different from that of a severely decayed tooth. In some cases, teeth with severe decay will need root canal treatment, the cost will be higher than conventional dental fillings. Therefore, to know the exact cost of their dental fillings, customers need to go directly to the dental clinic to have a doctor plan a specific treatment schedule.

How much is tooth decay in Hanoi in 2021?

How much money is the tooth filling, always a matter of concern to customers when referring to dental filling services. Dental bonding has many different prices, depending on many factors.

Before deciding to weld, you should consult a doctor who has done it before to choose the right method and type of material. In addition, you should refer to the quality of the service as well as the price list of the company. many clinics for comparison and unbiased evaluation. From there, you will choose a clinic with full equipment, skilled doctors, enthusiastic staff service attitude and importantly, a cost that is suitable for your financial ability.

Currently, the cost of deep tooth filling at Singae dental office ranges from 300,000 VND / stitch.

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What is the difference between the cost of filling one tooth and filling many teeth?

In essence, whether you seal one tooth or many teeth will not affect the cost of a tooth. The more decayed the tooth, the more it will cost

The cost of dental fillings will depend mainly on the number of welds you use. The more decayed teeth, the more money you will need to pay. For the 2nd tooth or more, you will calculate the cost of dental fillings as follows:

Total cost of dental filling = Cost of welding a tooth x Number of welds

Hàn răng mẻ 1 1

Dental fillings and chipped teeth, which is more expensive?

Is the cost of welding chipped teeth any different from the cost of filling a deep tooth?

Not only can the teeth be filled with decay, but teeth that are chipped in the process of living can also perform this method. So, is there a difference in the cost of filling a deep tooth and a chipped tooth?

For chipped teeth located in the incisors group, it also shows the high aesthetics of a tooth. Therefore, if the front teeth are chipped, it is advisable to fill them with porcelain, prioritizing the use of cosmetic dental filling techniques and porcelain or composite materials. As for tooth decay, you can also use Amalgam material. Moreover, the cosmetic filling process due to chipped teeth will be more complicated, requiring higher meticulousness. Therefore, the cost to seal a chipped tooth is usually slightly higher than that of a tooth decay from a few hundred to a million.

Why should dental fillings at Singae dental clinic?

Since its establishment, Singae Dental has always put the heart of the medical practitioner on top. Make sure every customer who comes to Singae for dental fillings is satisfied. Satisfied with the staff attitude, satisfied with the doctor’s skill and satisfied with the treatment fee. That is why Singae is always in the top of the best clinics in Vietnam.

Use safe ingredients 

All dental filling materials at Singae are carefully evaluated and selected, with clear documents proving their origin. Safety is a top priority when choosing filling materials. Because it will directly affect the food digestion and oral health of customers. Therefore, the source of dental filling materials are imported from Europe. These are all benign products, not oxidized in the oral cavity.

Excellent Doctor of Hanoi Medical University 

When it comes to Hanoi Medical University, we certainly don’t need to discuss the quality of training here anymore. At Singae dentistry, 100% of the doctors are alumni of Hanoi Medical University, having many years working at the National Institute of Teeth – Jaw – Facial, Saigon Dental – Jaw – Facial Hospital. Therefore, the procedure of the doctors is extremely quick, careful and meticulous. The welds are firm, highly aesthetic.

Nice facilities 

With a 5-storey system, Singae is equipped with a waiting room, clinic, and a film room with full medical equipment for the dental filling process. Each customer will be examined in a private room, can comfortably discuss the dental situation with the doctor.

Phòng khám tầng 2
Waiting room at Singae Dental Clinic

 Enthusiastic service attitude 

Each customer when treated at Singae will have a separate doctor and a personal care staff. During treatment, if you have any doubts, you can contact your doctor or staff to discuss. With the guideline “Regarding customers as family to take care of”, Singae has always been proud of its 98% customer satisfaction rate after examination. Up to 60% of customers return for a second service or refer friends to visit.  

Thus, Singae dental has sent to customers the information about “How much is tooth decay?”. If customers have a need to seal their teeth, please contact Singae dentist!

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