How much to replace porcelain crown? Is replacing porcelain crown painful? Can broken porcelain teeth be replaced? What is the process of replacing porcelain teeth?… Those are the concerns of customers who need porcelain crowns. To answer this question, please read the article below carefully!

Can a broken porcelain crown be replaced?

Porcelain teeth are fixed and when broken, can they be replaced or need to be removed? It is one of the most frequently asked questions of customers. The answer is that completely damaged porcelain teeth can be replaced with new porcelain crowns. With today’s advanced medical technology, the operation of replacing porcelain teeth is relatively simple.

In case the porcelain tooth is severely damaged, the customer can completely replace another porcelain crown for restoration. Usually dentists often recommend patients to use all-ceramic teeth to avoid blackening of the gum line. At the same time, the color of all-ceramic teeth also has the same brightness and natural color, so it brings better aesthetics.

Porcelain teeth

Damaged porcelain teeth after being replaced with other porcelain crowns will completely overcome defects such as sparse teeth, open roots, black gums.

Thay răng sứ
Porcelain teeth with open neck teeth

To perform all-ceramic tooth replacement, you should go directly to the medical department to be performed by dentists with specialized tools. Absolutely do not arbitrarily remove porcelain teeth at home, this will damage the real pulp and risk infection of the pulp.

How much to replace porcelain crown? 

The cost of replacing porcelain crowns is a matter of concern for many customers. In fact, the cost of removing a single porcelain tooth will range from 300,000 to 500,000 VND/teeth. In case the customer removes the old porcelain crown to replace it with a new one, the cost of removing the tooth will be free of charge. At that time, the cost of replacing porcelain crowns will depend on the material of porcelain teeth that you choose for the second time. Currently, on the market, there are two types of porcelain teeth in vogue: metal porcelain teeth and all-ceramic teeth.

Metal porcelain teeth

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Metal porcelain teeth

Metal porcelain teeth have inner ribs made from metal compounds, the outer surface will be covered with a layer of cosmetic porcelain. Due to the metal component, after using for a few years, customers will experience black gums. In addition, metal porcelain teeth also have a disadvantage that is the color is not natural, the porcelain is milky white with yellow ivory. In addition, factors such as durability, rigidity… are similar to all-ceramic teeth. Because of many defects, the cost of replacing metal porcelain crowns is relatively cheap, only ranging from 1,000,000 to 3,500,000 VND.

All-porcelain teeth

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All-porcelain teeth

All-porcelain teeth are made from pure porcelain, so the color is extremely natural, the teeth are white and clear. One of the biggest advantages of all-ceramic teeth is that there is no blackening of the gum line. If cleaned carefully, the life span of all-ceramic teeth can be up to 15-20 years, even permanently. Below is a price list for the installation of porcelain teeth.

1 Ordinary metal    5 – 7 years 1.000.000 – 2.000.000 (VNĐ/Tooth)
2 Titan   5 – 7 years 1.500.000 – 3.500.000 (VNĐ/Tooth)
3 Precious metal    15 – 20 years 4.000.000 – 12.000.000 (VNĐ/Tooth)
4 Lava Mỹ 15 – 20 years 8.000.000 – 12.000.000 (VNĐ/Tooth)
5 Nacera Germany 15 – 20 years 7.000.000 – 11.000.000 (VNĐ/Tooth)
6 Emax Germany 10 – 15 years 7.000.000 – 9.000.000 (VNĐ/Tooth)
7 Cercon Germany 7 – 15 years 5.000.000 – 8.000.000 (VNĐ/Tooth)
8 Ceramill Germany 10 – 15 years 5.000.000 – 8.000.000 (VNĐ/Tooth)
9 HT Smile Germany 10 – 15 years 5.000.000 – 8.000.000 (VNĐ/Tooth)
10 Zirconia Germany 7 – 5 years 3.000.000 – 6.000.000 (VNĐ/Tooth)
11 Venus Germany 7 – 15 years 3.000.000 – 5.000.000 (VNĐ/Tooth)
12 Katana Japan 7 – 15 years 3.000.000 – 7.000.000 (VNĐ/ Tooth)

Is replacing porcelain crown painful?

Replacing porcelain crowns will include 2 processes: Remove porcelain teeth and install new porcelain teeth.

For the operation of removing porcelain teeth, it usually does not cause pain, because this process is only performed on the denture part, does not affect the real tooth, so it does not cause pain. Besides, before the procedure, the customer will be given an anesthetic injection, making the tooth removal process simpler and easier.

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Remove old porcelain teeth

When performing the second porcelain crown , there is no need to grind the teeth, so there is no impact on the real teeth, so there will be no pain. Maybe it’s just a slight soreness in the first days, then it will go away immediately after the next 2-3 days. If compared to the first time, the second time will be softer, the pain level is also reduced to the maximum.

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2nd time porcelain crown

However, if unfortunately you choose an unreliable facility with a team of doctors with bad techniques, the process of removing porcelain teeth affects real teeth, causing teeth to be damaged. Moreover, in the process of installing porcelain teeth, the doctor who does not fit the gum line can also be the cause of toothache after the porcelain coating process.

Therefore, to have a safe and effective porcelain tooth replacement experience, you need to choose the right dental office with good quality.

What is the process of replacing porcelain crowns? 

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The process of replacing porcelain teeth

Step 1: Visit and consult

First, the dentist will conduct x-rays to assess the condition of your teeth. From there, the appropriate treatment methods are proposed.

Step 2: Dental hygiene and anesthesia

To ensure the safety of the process of installing and removing teeth, the dentist will conduct oral hygiene, completely removing bacteria. This will help avoid infection after porcelain crown.

Step 3: Anesthesia

The dentist will use a dose of medicine just enough to inject into the position of the porcelain crown, helping the customer feel more comfortable during the treatment.

Step 4: Remove the old porcelain teeth

When the anesthetic has worked, the doctor will use specialized equipment to cut the porcelain crown, then use the tool to remove the porcelain crown from the real tooth. After that, proceed to remove tartar plaque, clean the real tooth pulp to perform the second porcelain coating.

In case the customer has pulpitis, it is necessary to conduct pulp treatment, gingivitis, then treat gingivitis, then perform the second porcelain crown.

Step 5: Take an impression to make a new porcelain tooth

After the tooth has been processed, the doctor will take an impression of the tooth and send it to the labob to design porcelain teeth in accordance with the customer’s tooth condition. The time to have porcelain teeth of each dentist is different. Average will range from 2-4 days. During that time, customers will be able to use temporary teeth to ensure aesthetics and chewing.

Step 6: Install new porcelain teeth to complete the treatment process

After a few days of waiting, the labob factory has sent the porcelain teeth, the doctor will install new porcelain teeth. After adjusting so that the porcelain teeth match with the teeth, the doctor will install the fixation with specialized adhesives. After that, the doctor will correct the bite so that the customer does not feel lumpy or have any discomfort during chewing.

When should porcelain crowns be replaced? 

Not all cases require porcelain crown replacement. In some situations, the porcelain teeth are lightly chipped, the customer can perform the restoration by cosmetic porcelain filling method. Only when falling into the following situation, customers need to replace porcelain teeth.

Porcelain veneers are black with gum line

– Porcelain teeth are chipped due to chewing or severe trauma

– Porcelain tooth pulp is decayed

– Teeth with damaged pulp that need treatment

– The old porcelain teeth discolor and affect the aesthetics

– Porcelain teeth are loose, or fall out of the pulp

– Black gingival edge due to porcelain teeth

Thus, Singae dental has sent readers information related to the problem of replacing porcelain crowns. If you have a need for dental examination or porcelain crowns, don’t forget to contact Singae dental at the address above to receive a FREE CT conebeam offer worth 500,000 VND.

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