Is root canal treatment painful? How long does it take for the pain to go away after root canal treatment? Pain after root canal treatment, what should I do?… That is the concern of most customers when learning about this method. To clarify the above questions, please read the entire article below!

Is root canal treatment painful? 

The process of root canal treatment is divided into 2 phases: During treatment and after treatment. The feeling of pain at each stage is different, specifically:

Điều trị tuỷ có đau không
Root canal treatment

With the development of Vietnamese medicine today, the process of root canal treatment is completely painless as many people still think. On the contrary, this process also happens very gently and quickly. 

During the process of marrow destruction, the doctor will use a dose of anesthetic just enough to help the client not feel pain. The local anesthetic will make the jaw feel a bit stiff, a little numb, and the patient will not have any feeling in the area where the marrow treatment is being performed. 

If the root of the tooth has few canals, the doctor’s skill is good, the dose of anesthetic is just enough, the pain level of the root canal treatment is only very mild. 

Is the root canal treatment painful after the treatment?

After taking the marrow for about 1-2 hours, you may feel achy. Because at this time the jaw material has not yet adapted to the body. However, this condition will quickly disappear after 2-3 days, you will no longer have to endure prolonged aches and pains. The pulp is the life source of the tooth, has the ability to connect with nerves, so when the pulp is dead, the customer will no longer feel any pain. In addition, pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs will help you deal with infections, edema, and limit pain caused by inflammation.

Điều trị tuỷ răng có đau không
Do teeth hurt after treatment?

However, if after treatment, the tooth still hurts, the pain is even more severe with pus, you need to visit the dental clinic immediately. Because the bridge of the tooth is relatively complex, cleaning the tooth pulp is not simple, it is possible that the pulp is still left. 

Normal signs after root canal  

  • Teeth do not hurt, feel like normal teeth
  • The stinging sensation appears for about 1-12 hours, then disappears. 

Abnormal signs after taking root canal

  • Prolonged pain: The tooth after taking the pulp still has a lingering pain that does not subside. After about 1-2 weeks, this condition still does not improve, which is an abnormal sign after taking root canal.
  • Swollen gums: The cause of swollen gums after root canal treatment can be periodontitis. During the treatment, the pulp has damaged soft tissue, forming inflammatory foci that cause swelling of the gums.  

My tooth hurts after root canal treatment, what should I do? 

After detecting abnormal teeth, customers should go directly to the dental clinic for timely treatment. Here, the medical team will take pictures to find out the cause, from which a specific treatment plan will be developed: 

  • If the pain is caused by root canal welding or porcelain restoration, the doctor will reopen the pulp chamber, suck up all the fillings and re-treat.
  • If the pain comes from missing pulp, the doctor will reopen the pulp chamber to treat it thoroughly.
  • However, if the tooth is punctured the pulp apex, it cannot be restored. Customers need to completely remove that tooth, perform Implant to ensure aesthetics and chewing ability.  
Điều trị tuỷ có đau không
Pain after root canal treatment, what should I do?

Can a toothache be treated for a toothache?

Painful teeth can still perform normal root canal treatment. As recommended by the dentist, the root canal treatment should be done as soon as possible because at this time the pain will be prevented, avoiding the risk of tooth loss and other dangerous complications due to pulpitis. cause.

Benefits of root canal treatment for toothache: 

  • Improved pain condition
  • Prevent irritation with foods that are too hot or cold. Significantly improved chewing ability.
  • Improve sleep and health by not having to suffer from insomnia through the night. 

How long does it take to heal the tooth pulp?

“How long does it take to heal the tooth pulp?” This is a question asked by many customers. It is known that immediately after completing the root canal treatment, the pain sensation will be significantly reduced. However, the tooth will still have pain and sensitivity for about 2-3 days. This condition originates because tissue, gums and teeth have not yet fully recovered. Teeth will gradually recover to normal after about 3-4 days, then customers can eat and drink normally.

How long does a root canal treatment take to stop pain?

Where is root canal treatment reputable, painless? 

Choosing a reputable treatment address is always a problem that causes many customers a headache. Singae Dental is committed to bringing you a safe, painless, quality root canal treatment process with the following factors:

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  • Modern machinery, equipment and facilities. All machines are imported from Europe with the most modern technology. 
  • Various welding and filling materials are suitable for many different conditions, even the most difficult to treat. 

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