What are lower teeth braces? Is it good or not? How much is the lower jaw orthodontic cost? … are the problems that many customers wonder when they intend to braces 1 jaw. Follow the article to learn more about this method.

What are lower teeth braces?

Mandibular orthodontics is a form of orthodontic treatment that is almost ineffective in cases of two misaligned teeth. However, there are exceptions. Doctors may prescribe braces on a lower jaw if the upper jaw has reached the standard ratio of teeth and jaws. In fact, there is not much difference between lower teeth or upper teeth. That is, they all use the force from the brackets and the arch wire to pull the teeth into the desired position. Many people think that orthodontic lower jaw will be easier than upper jaw or compared to braces on both jaws. However, easy or difficult depends on the condition of the teeth and the skill of the doctor.

Usually, it will be easier for the doctor to see when the lower teeth are braces. At the same time, when attaching brackets or adjusting the force, the lower jaw will be easier than the upper jaw. Therefore, after each stage, the doctor will easily observe, check and pull the bowstring to the desired position more easily than the upper jaw.

Can lower jaw orthodontics?

Many of you have deviations about the lower teeth such as crooked, misaligned, underbite, but the upper jaw is regular, often have questions and concerns that “Is it okay to have braces on only one lower jaw?”.

In fact, braces are the adjustment of both jaws (upper and lower) to fit together not only regularly, but also have to be in accordance with the main jaw structure, so to know if it is possible to have single-jaw braces. It is no longer dependent on the condition of the teeth as well as the examination and instructions from the doctor.

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In case it is possible to orthodontic lower jaw when the condition of your lower teeth is misaligned but the upper jaw is regular in terms of teeth, bite, and jaw structure, then the doctor will conduct lower jaw braces for you. You, straighten the lower jaw structure to the correct standard like the teeth and upper jaw structure.

Do not arbitrarily go to unscrupulous dentists to ask the doctor to braces a lower jaw because if you arbitrarily braces a jaw according to your wishes, the chances are high that after removing the braces, the two teeth will not match, leading to facial disproportionate and aesthetic imbalance. 

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In case it is not possible to get braces on a lower jaw for severe misalignment of teeth in the lower and upper jaw, misalignment of teeth, deviation in jaw, the degree of correlation between two mismatched teeth, braces cannot be given. a function can, including braces a lower jaw or an upper jaw.

In this case, the doctor will have to conduct orthodontic treatment of two jaws to bring the best effect. An advice from Singae that if there are cases of tooth misalignment, you should do double-jaw orthodontics to bring better results. Specifically:

  • The two jaws are adjusted regularly, straight, and aesthetically pleasing
  • The face is harmonious and balanced when straightening teeth in both jaws 
  • Bracing time is shortened
  • The orthodontic effect is consistent with the given treatment regimen

Braces for one lower jaw are different from braces for upper teeth

According to experts specializing in braces, braces on the upper jaw will be more complicated than braces for the lower jaw, because the lower jaw braces are convenient for observing, attaching brackets as well as adjusting the impact force. monthly, in addition, in cases where it is necessary to widen the jawbone, it is easier to perform in the lower jaw than in the upper jaw. 

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However, exactly the upper or lower jaw braces also need the skill of the doctor, the technique of braces, the appropriate treatment schedule. Not that easier braces on the lower jaw will have better results than the upper jaw that is a misconception.

So, before getting braces, you need to find out about the orthodontic dentist you choose, braces at reputable dental facilities, licensed to operate, fully equipped with modern equipment and a team of highly skilled doctors.

Is only lower jaw braces effective?

In most cases, when consulting with braces on one jaw, the doctor will recommend braces for both teeth. Simply because braces on one jaw only apply force to one tooth. And when braces on both jaws, it will make both teeth more regular and harmonious, avoiding the situation that after braces, the 2 teeth will be misaligned and not up to standard.

Therefore, to know exactly whether orthodontic treatment of the lower jaw is effective or not will depend on whether the upper teeth are even or not. At the same time, whether your dental arch is beautiful or not, whether the upper jaw bone is chiselled or not is also a very important factor. In case, if the upper jaw is a bit small or out of proportion to the jaw line, then only the lower teeth braces will not be as effective as desired.

Therefore, it is best to brace both teeth to ensure the most effective braces process.

How long do lower braces take?

Usually, the time of braces for one jaw will be from 2 to 3 years. However, the time to orthodontic lower jaw will also depend a lot on the condition of your teeth, also the method of braces you are choosing, for cases where the teeth are very misaligned or have dental diseases before braces, is it necessary? treatment will take longer.

The methods commonly indicated in braces are: clear braces, metal braces, ceramic braces.

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  • Braces with metal braces: High efficiency metal braces have the fastest braces time compared to other methods of braces, usually the effect of braces will be achieved after 2-3 years (depending on the condition of the teeth). . 
  • Porcelain braces: Porcelain braces with aesthetic properties, the color of the brackets is close to the color of the teeth, besides aesthetics, porcelain braces are also quite effective, the time of braces will be slower than metal braces from 3 to 4 hours. 6 months. 
  • Transparent braces: Usually transparent braces will have a high cost of braces, suitable for keeping aesthetics during the braces process, suitable for mildly misaligned teeth. The time of braces will last longer than metal braces from 6 to 8 months. 

How much does lower jaw orthodontics cost?

Along with the question of whether orthodontic treatment of the lower jaw is effective, many customers are also confused about the cost of orthodontic treatment of the lower jaw. In fact, there are many customers who want to save money, so when their teeth are chipped or misaligned, they will only want to brace that one jaw. However, most of the cost for braces on 1 jaw will basically be about 80% of the cost of braces on both jaws. In addition, the cost of braces also depends a lot on other factors such as the condition of the teeth, the state of oral health, the method of braces, the dentist performed, etc.

Therefore, if you think that single-jaw braces will be cheaper, it’s actually not that much cheaper. In addition, the effectiveness of single-jaw braces is usually not high. Therefore, if you intend to get braces, you should have braces on both jaws to ensure the bite and chewing function of your teeth.

Above are some answers for you about the question of whether to get braces on the lower jaw or not. Hope the information in this article will be useful to you. 

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