Mac porcelain Crown

The Mac porcelain crown is a method of rebuilding teeth based on the foundation of old teeth to restore the function and appearance for the teeth that have “degraded.”

1. In which instances are porcelain crowns required?

  • The teeth are discolored or stained (being infected by Tetracycline in childhood, smoking, drinking coffee,…), the tooth surface has many cuts (due to improperly brushing, …).
  • A Decayed tooth is corroded.
  • Tooth that is chipped or broken due to an accident or impact
  • Because the enamel and dentin are no longer supplied by the pulp after root canal therapy, the tooth is easily cracked or destroyed.

2. Porcelain crowns’ advantages

  • Porcelain crowns can completely solve damaged, discolored, or worn teeth without replacing all of them, while preserving natural teeth to the greatest extent possible
  • Porcelain crowns maintain the chewing function of real teeth in terms of hardness – firmness, the entire gap that damages will be fulfilled, also the jaw structure, preserving the pulp and preventing diseases such as tooth decay, inflammation,…
  • Smart porcelain crown technology can define the exact size and color of the porcelain crown to be 100% compatible with natural teeth, leaving no difference between natural teeth and porcelain crown, aesthetic guarantee. 
  • Non-metallic porcelain crowns have color and shape like real teeth, and they do not irritate oral mucosa and gum tissue. In particular, it is not discolored over time, close to the real tooth tissue and the gum line. If the porcelain material is high-quality, the durability and bearing capacity of the tooth can reach a maximum of 900 Mpa, 9 times that of natural teeth.
  • Porcelain crowns is an effective method to renew teeth and maintain high aesthetics. At the same time, it helps to complete the maxillofacial support without having to deeply affect the jaw bone structure, so it is safe and painless even after the anesthetic is over.

3. Are porcelain crowns painful and sensitive?

During the procedure, the patient is anesthetized before the surgery. The dentist attached temporary dentures to protect the customer’s original teeth while waiting for the crowns to be made. At the same time, it is convenient for chewing functions and communicating.

4. How much does porcelain crowns cost?

Currently, porcelain crowns have many different prices and depending on the type of porcelain there will be specific costs.  Please call 0911 54 9999 to receive detailed advice and quotations.

It is best to choose a reputable dental address to own beautiful natural teeth and ensure the chewing function like real teeth.

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