Mac Veneers are well-known for their efficiency and aesthetics without causing any severe damage to the original teeth.

1. What Are MAC Veneers??

Mac Veneers (also known as porcelain veneers) are thin layers of tooth-like material that can be used to spruce up your smile.  This technology is known as one of the modern cosmetic dentistry technologies. 

This is the latest technology, having been chosen by many customers at Singae Dental Clinic.  Some of Veneers’ outstanding features:

–  Mac Veneers are made of special porcelain containing pearl crystals, natural diamonds, and special porcelain powder formula from Mac Labot Corporation, USA. These ultra-thin porcelain patches achieve flexural strength up to 1400mpa and 100% bio-compatibility with the gums.

– Extremely thin patches (only 0.2 – 0.3mm) to help cover all the old tooth colors, adjust the ratio between teeth, fill tooth gaps…

– Mac Veneer patches will restore both the aesthetics & chewing function of teeth, protecting real teeth without invasive tooth enamel. Since this technology does not need to grind too much portion of the teeth, the process will not cause pain or bleeding, ensuring absolute safety for customers.

dán sứ Mac Veneer

A perfect case of Mac Veneers, it will achieve a natural aesthetic, and bring the most comfortable feeling while using these veneers.

2. In what cases that patients can apply Mac Veneers?

– Chipped teeth, mild cracks

– Dull and discolored teeth

When your teeth become too dark, the normal whitening teeth methods no longer work. At this stage, there has to be a stronger way to regain the color of your teeth.

Mac Veneers not only give you a shinier smile but also protect your teeth from being damaged by outside factors.

– Mild gap teeth

The teeth gap does not affect chewing function, but it affects the aesthetic aspect. And at the crevices, if you do not take care of your teeth or clean your teeth carefully, the food stucking in easily causes bad breath or inflammatory diseases.

– The enamel layer of teeth is worn away over time

Teeth are discolored and expose yellow dentin, causing sensitivity when eating sour, hot, and cold foods.

3. Efficiency of Mac Veneer

3.1 Perfect aesthetic effect.

The Mac Veneers “coat” not only brings you a bright set of teeth but also covers all the shortcomings of your real teeth. Moreover, this also works in orthodontia, adjusting your bite and overcoming the crooked teeth.

3.2 Maximize the preservation of the original teeth

To attach these Mac Veneers onto the customer’s teeth, the dentist only grinds a very thin layer on the real tooth (from 0.2 to 0.3 mm). This minimizes the impact on the tooth structure, which is the tissue invasion, and preserves real teeth.

3.3 Tartar limiting

The outer porcelain layer helps to prevent the formation and growth of bacteria, creating tartar plaque. It reduces the risk of oral diseases such as periodontitis, gingivitis, tooth decay, …

3.4 Firm and durable

The special glue and cement used to attach these Veneers will keep the Veneer patches stay firmly on the teeth. Patch peeling or falling out during the process of daily living are not actual concerns.

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