What is Porcelain Veneer? What are the advantages of porcelain veneers? Why should porcelain veneers be applied at Singae dental?… That is the concern of many customers when learning about this method, to understand more about Veneer, please read the article below!

What is porcelain veneer?

Dental veneer technology (also known as porcelain veneers) is known as one of the modern dental aesthetic technologies. At the same time possessing the most advantages today, helping to improve the defects of teeth effectively.

dán sứ veneer là gì

Porcelain veneers at Singae clinic are extremely thin from only 0.2 – 0.3mm to help cover the entire color of old teeth, adjust the ratio between teeth, fill gaps…

Porcelain veneers will restore both aesthetics & chewing function of teeth, protecting real teeth without invasive to tooth enamel. Due to less tooth grinding, the process does not cause pain or bleeding, ensuring absolute safety for customers.

What are the advantages of porcelain veneers?

dán sứ veneer là gì

Less tooth grinding

Compared with conventional methods of porcelain veneers, veneers have a very low rate of tooth grinding, just need to grind a thin layer on the outer surface of the teeth about 0.5 mm, just enough to apply the porcelain surface. Therefore, applying porcelain veneers at Singae dental clinic will not cause invasion of the tooth structure, almost the teeth are not affected, so it does not cause sensitivity and pain.

High stability

Like metal porcelain teeth and all-ceramic teeth, porcelain veneers also have quite good strength, can eat and chew as usual without having to worry about bursting or breaking.

Ensure aesthetic effect

With bright white color and perfect shape, porcelain veneers help teeth improve the disadvantages of staining and chipping, giving you confidence with a radiant smile.

Limit the formation of tartar

Porcelain coating not only helps teeth achieve high aesthetics, but also acts as a protective layer of teeth from bacteria and food plaque, avoiding tartar formation, while helping to protect natural tooth enamel. .

Long life

Porcelain veneers have an average durability of 10-15 years. However, if restored by a team of good doctors, guaranteed techniques and good protective care, porcelain veneers can be maintained for a lifetime.

In which cases can porcelain veneers be applied?

  • Chipped teeth, mild cracks
  • Teeth are dull, dark, slightly discolored
  • Sparse teeth, mildly cleft
  • The enamel layer of teeth wears away over time
  • Teeth are discolored and expose yellow dentin, causing sensitivity when eating sour, hot, and cold foods.

What is the process of making porcelain veneers?

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Step 1: Check with the Doctor and take X-Ray film. At this step, the doctor will evaluate your current tooth condition such as color, tooth shape to have a suitable treatment plan.

Step 2: Digital Design. From the collected tooth data, the doctor sketches out the plan, selects the tooth color and designs the tooth shape to suit the natural beauty of the face.

Step 3: Grinding teeth and attaching temporary teeth. After you agree with the treatment plan from the Doctor, the Doctor will proceed to grind the teeth to be treated and attach temporary teeth to use and ensure aesthetic factors while waiting for the final Veneer teeth.

Step 4: Paste porcelain veneers. When the veneers are finished, the doctor will use a special gel to stick to your teeth, giving you a new, radiant smile.

Step 5: Check and adjust the match. In 1-3 days after the tooth is attached, you will return to the clinic for the doctor to check and correct the bite if necessary. This is a very important step to help you not feel clumsy when biting, communicating and especially avoiding porcelain breakage, prolonging use time.

Porcelain veneer service of Singae Dental clinic – The right choice for you

dán sứ veneer là gì

With the attention of a large number of customers for cosmetic dental services, the dentists are growing stronger and stronger. Every day the number of cosmetic dentists springs up more and more. Customers are faced with many different options. You should be aware that not all dentists provide quality service. That’s why it’s important to research carefully if you don’t want to encounter any bad effects. Singae Dental Clinic is proud to be the unit that receives a lot of trust from customers

Thousands of positive feedback from customers

This is one of the top factors for you to choose a dentist. Customer reviews are extremely important. After the actual experience they will get the correct feelings. So before deciding whether to go to that dentist or not, find out through the feedback of previous customers. In addition, you can actively consult through the opinions of those around you. Through these suggestions, you will easily find reputable places.

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Singae dental clinic guarantees the quality of porcelain veneers

Avoid falling into the case of “hanging goat’s head to sell dog meat”, spending a lot of money but not getting good results. In fact, there is no shortage of customers facing this problem. Usually, reputable dentists allow customers to check information about porcelain veneers. Coming to Singae Dental Clinic, you will not need to worry about the quality of service.

Singae clinic has many types of porcelain for customers to choose from such as Mac, Venus, Nacera, Cercon, Ceramill, Lava, HT Smile, Ziconia, Titan,… These are all types of porcelain with high bearing capacity and weight. Light, safe for the body and oral environment, has a brightness almost in the same way as real teeth. In addition, at Singae, all types of porcelain when used by customers have a warranty ranging from 7 years – lifetime.

Professional, dedicated and experienced team of doctors

Porcelain veneers for teeth require very high technique. That is why customers should look to dentists that meet this criteria. Before doing so, you should proactively check your vocational certificate. Highly specialized doctors will perform porcelain veneers for teeth quickly and safely. Above all, it does not cause any adverse effects on oral health, ensuring that you have the most perfect, radiant smile. Coming to Singae, where a team of doctors graduated from prestigious universities, well-trained from Singapore, you will not need to worry about anything.

Spacious and modern facilities

Facilities are one of the important factors for you to evaluate the level of professionalism of dentistry. Singae dental clinic has a standard clinic system, customers will feel more secure.
The equipment of Singae clinic such as sterile clothes, surgical instruments, implant room, porcelain grill, aseptic drying room, CT Conebeam machine in Singae…. All are imported from developed countries, modern from European countries, America, Switzerland and shorten the treatment time, ensuring safety for customers.

In addition, in the process of testing teeth on the customer’s mouth, if there are problems such as the color of the dentures and the real teeth are uneven, the bite is slightly deviated or the shape of the teeth, …. then it will be edited right in Singae with a porcelain oven. With this device, customers will not have to spend more time waiting to correct their teeth for the best fit.

Singae dental clinic has a good customer care regime

One of the extremely important criteria when choosing a dentist is customer care. In addition, the warranty policy also plays an extremely important role. This is the factor that helps ensure your best interests. During use, if you encounter any bad cases caused by technical errors, you are covered by the warranty. This policy helps customers save significant costs.

Above is a summary of all information related to what is the service of porcelain veneers? of the Singae dental clinic, as well as the notes when performing this method. Please contact Singae clinic for free examination and consultation!

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