If you are wondering what removable braces are? Yes, but which method of removable braces, who is suitable for this method, do not ignore the article below.

What are removable braces?

Removable braces are braces that can be removed and fitted by the customer at any time, anywhere. This method is often used to correct or prevent misaligned teeth by using braces, with a structure suitable for each oral condition.

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This method is different from fixed braces in that fixed braces will be fixed by the doctor to the teeth. Using archwires and brackets to straighten teeth, the cost of braces is also higher and you have to wear braces for a long time without being removed in the middle of the disease.

Current methods of removable braces

There are two common types of removable orthodontics on the market today:

Metal removable braces

Removable metal orthodontics is a product that has a design consisting of a plastic palate and metal rings connected to a system of springs that create force to move teeth.

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The mechanism of action of this product is very simple. After the examination and planning process, the doctor will adjust the tension of the spring, causing the arcs to be deformed. Then proceed to install slack on the customer’s teeth. And over time, the spring that pulls this tower brace will return to its original shape. This will cause the teeth to move to the desired position.

However, metal removable braces will only be suitable for children, in the period when baby teeth are developing and moving.

Clear removable braces

Transparent removable orthodontics is a method of using custom-designed plastic trays based on data obtained from actual imaging of the customer’s teeth.

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Under professional analysis from the computer system, a set of trays about 20-35 pieces shaped like a tooth will be produced and given to customers for use. The most famous of the clear braces is the Invisalign method.

Questions about removable braces?

Objects most suitable for removable braces

Possessing many outstanding advantages, but the removable orthodontic method is only suitable for certain cases. Usually, this method will be applied to customers who have dental defects such as protrusion, underbite, crooked, misaligned, etc. In addition, removable braces will also be suitable for children aged 12 years and older. down because at this age the baby’s jawbone is still soft and unstable, so it’s easy to adjust.

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In general, the adjustment of teeth based on removable braces will have a lower force generation process, the effect will also be longer than the methods of braces with brackets. Therefore, if your teeth are protruding, underbite, misaligned, or severely crooked, braces with brackets will be a more suitable solution than Invisalingn removable orthodontics. And to know exactly which orthodontic condition is suitable for your oral health, you should go to a reputable dental clinic to be examined and checked in the most accurate way.

Advantages of removable braces method

As mentioned above, removable orthodontics will only be suitable for teeth that are underbite, overbite, misaligned, crooked, etc. If with traditional braces methods, doctors will attach brackets to the teeth, then removable orthodontics has a simpler way to do it. You just need to wear the specially designed braces and aligners for the specified time and you have the desired teeth.

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In addition, the removable appliances, aligners also make it easier for customers to eat or clean their teeth. At that time, the harmful bacteria inside will also be eliminated. Removable braces make you feel more comfortable and convenient in daily activities. At the same time, they also ensure high aesthetics when you communicate with friends and partners. You will no longer feel self-deprecating because your braces are exposed or feel uncomfortable when eating, talking, etc.

Are removable braces safe?

Not only brings high aesthetics, but removable orthodontic treatment is also trusted and chosen by many customers because of its safety. If with braces methods, it will sometimes hurt soft tissues in the mouth such as gums, but with removable orthodontics, these will be minimized to bring convenience and flexibility. and most comfortable.

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Instead of using wires and brackets like traditional methods, removable braces will use transparent aligners or simpler appliances. You will not need to be afraid of the brackets being removed as before, especially the soft tissues inside the oral cavity will not be damaged.

For the method of braces, the entanglement in the first time is inevitable. You will even feel entangled and inconvenient when operating, playing, eating, and cleaning your teeth. However, the removable orthodontic method has completely overcome all these problems.

Things to pay attention to when performing removable braces

Removable orthodontics is simple, but you also need to pay attention to the appropriate oral care and diet regimen, so that the final results will be perfect.

Dental hygiene

Wearing removable braces is the most important thing that you need to have the right oral care regimen, with the right technique, you will not need to worry about any bad problems arising.

– Brush your teeth at least twice a day. In particular, after each meal, you should brush your teeth thoroughly. This will remove harmful plaque.

– Brush teeth with correct technique, do not brush horizontally to avoid affecting teeth

– Form the habit of using dental floss instead of traditional toothpicks. This will also help you remove bacteria, plaque without affecting tissue and gums

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush for better oral hygiene.

Food mode

In addition to dental care, orthodontics also need to pay more attention to diet, using food every day because not any food is good for teeth.

– Should limit the use of foods with high adhesion that are easy to stick to teeth

– Do not eat foods that are too hard or too chewy

– Do not drink carbonated or alcoholic beverages. Limit the use of soft drinks and give up the habit of using tobacco

You should add foods that are high in protrin, minerals and vitamins for your body.

Thus, the above article has told you what is removable braces. If you have any questions or want to learn more about this method of braces, please contact our hotline for advice and to schedule a free consultation.

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