How long is the durability of porcelain teeth? When to replace porcelain teeth? What are the causes? What are the notes?… Let’s find out this information in the article below!

Porcelain teeth are considered to be one of the most effective methods in reconstructing the function and aesthetics of the jaw. However, there are many cases where porcelain teeth after a period of use become stained, black, or peel off porcelain. This significantly affects the aesthetics and chewing function of the jaw mold.

When to replace porcelain teeth?

Porcelain veneers have been proven to be “friendly” and highly biocompatible, able to fuse well with bone. In particular, the purely medical properties of porcelain do not cause allergies, cancer or deformation of exposed structures for a long time.

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Due to the solid structure, porcelain teeth are able to withstand good pressure to ensure normal chewing and especially porcelain teeth are not irritated with hot and cold foods, so you can eat and drink comfortably. With good dental care, porcelain teeth can last without correction for a lifetime

So what causes porcelain teeth to be damaged?

Due to the material: Porcelain teeth are often discolored, especially metal porcelain teeth . This is a line of porcelain teeth with a core made from Nickel – Chromium – Titanium alloy and covered with porcelain outside. Therefore, it is easy to be discolored and contaminated with food coloring. After a period of use, the teeth appear black streaks at the edge of the roots.

Due to poor hygiene: Regular consumption of foods such as coffee, tea, carbonated soft drinks, or smoking will cause teeth to become severely stained. Carbonated soft drinks will form many yellow stains on porcelain teeth. Porcelain teeth, like real teeth, will deteriorate over time if you have poor hygiene.

Due to improper restoration process: Each type of metal porcelain tooth or all-ceramic tooth has different points in structure as well as aesthetics. However, if the restoration is wrong, it also causes the porcelain teeth to deteriorate quickly or seriously affect the gums and real teeth.

Cases that need to replace porcelain teeth

Chipped, cracked teeth

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Porcelain teeth can face problems such as chipping the porcelain part, cracking along or across the crown. The cause may be due to the impact of external forces on the teeth. Initially, it will be small chipping, but if not treated early, it can cause larger damage, affecting the inner core of the tooth.

Open root teeth need to replace porcelain teeth

This phenomenon is relatively common after a long time of use. The area of ​​​​the gums of the porcelain teeth will be lowered, causing the border of the porcelain teeth to open.

[ Khi nào cần thay răng sứ ]: Nguyên nhân, trường hợp, lưu ý

Open porcelain teeth can make you sensitive, get food and difficult to clean. What is more important is that customers will feel very unsightly when smiling.

The position of the porcelain crown has the phenomenon of infection

When the position of the porcelain crown has inflammation, swelling, pain, and swelling, even after thorough cleaning, you may be suffering from porcelain tooth inflammation due to incorrect technique such as porcelain teeth with pulp inflammation or root canal treatment. May cause prolonged toothache

Black gingiva

The question that we receive a lot during treatment and consultation is “is the tooth root blackened?” This problem is relatively common with cases of porcelain teeth with a metal core. With the inner ribs supported by steel or titanium coated with porcelain outside, after a period of use, the ribs can be oxidized, causing blackening of the roots of the teeth, causing loss of aesthetics.

[ Khi nào cần thay răng sứ ]: Nguyên nhân, trường hợp, lưu ý

For the molar area, this problem is acceptable, but it will affect a lot if the position of porcelain crown is incisor.

Notes when replacing new porcelain teeth

You need to replace new porcelain teeth when you have problems such as: old porcelain teeth are chipped, black gums, inflammation, receding gums, etc. These symptoms come from objective and subjective causes.

When performing a new porcelain crown, you need to learn from the mistakes of the previous porcelain crown to avoid the above errors and take good care of your teeth to maintain the long life of the porcelain teeth.

If before you choose metal-core porcelain teeth and have black roots, after replacing new porcelain teeth, you should choose all-ceramic teeth to eliminate the risk of blackening of the roots later.

Choose the right reputable dentist

A reputable dental facility is home to a team of experienced doctors who will perform the technique of replacing porcelain teeth, covering porcelain teeth in a methodical, correct technique, ensuring your safety.

Proper dental care

After replacing the porcelain teeth, you need to clean your new porcelain teeth properly such as brushing your teeth twice a day or after eating, do not brush your teeth horizontally, but brush vertically or in a circular motion. You can also use dental floss or a water flosser to clean the interdental area to remove food residue.

Limit hard foods

In particular, you absolutely should not use your teeth to bite on hard objects, limit eating foods that are too tough. Instead, you should increase your intake of foods that are good for oral health such as vegetables and fruits rich in fiber, vitamins, foods high in calcium and minerals.

The replacement of porcelain teeth will help you regain your beauty, confidence and chewing ability for your teeth. Replacing a new porcelain tooth when it is still needed also helps protect the original tooth from the effects of external factors.

Singae dental clinic has replaced new porcelain teeth for many customers with many different reasons and received extremely good feedback. If you still have any questions about the condition of your teeth, please contact us at the information below for more specific advice.

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