Is wisdom tooth extraction painful? This is the question that most customers worry about. In the past, when technology had not yet developed, wisdom tooth extraction would be very painful, because it was necessary to cut the gums and intervene deeply into the jawbone. However, medicine is increasingly developed, thanks to the support of machines, it has helped that wisdom tooth extraction is no longer as painful as we thought. 

Review of wisdom tooth extraction of customers in Singae

MC Le Anh is the face of a famous TV show host of VTV. He is also an excellent lecturer at Hanoi University of Science, Society and Humanities. As a talented MC with a natural approach and extensive knowledge, MC Le Anh quickly won the favor of the audience.

As an MC, often having to communicate, the appearance of 2 misaligned wisdom teeth caused many difficulties for him. Food is often stuck between his teeth, when he eats or bites his cheek, it causes a lot of trouble, moreover, the wisdom teeth that are misaligned also bring pain that affects his work. He went to Singae dental clinic for a doctor’s examination and painless wisdom tooth extraction with a Piezotome machine. Let’s listen to MC Le Anh’s feelings after spitting:

“ Le Anh was quite surprised because tooth extraction was painless, painless at all, it was a wonderful thing. During the extraction process, I still felt everything, felt that the doctor was trying to take the tooth very gently and meticulously. I’m really grateful to the doctors, with this situation maybe tomorrow I can still work normally without leaving work. Thank you so much dentist! 

Nhổ răng có đau không?
MC Le Anh performed wisdom tooth extraction at Singae Dental Clinic

Doctor answered, is wisdom tooth extraction painful? 

The pain of tooth extraction will depend on many factors such as the patient’s location, the location of the wisdom teeth or the skill of the doctor. In order to minimize pain, customers should pay attention to the following:

– Make sure that before tooth extraction has the support of anesthetic, you will be injected with a dose of anesthetic suitable for your health and condition. This will help you feel completely pain-free during the procedure.

– The process of tooth extraction is performed by highly skilled doctors, the procedure is definitive, quick, and the wound is treated thoroughly.

Besides, the support of the Piezotome ultrasound machine helps the extraction process to be shortened and gentler.

– Take pain relievers as prescribed by the doctor at home.

– Follow-up as directed.

Nhổ răng bằng công nghệ mới
Dentist extracting tooth with ultrasound machine Piezotome

Wisdom tooth extraction hurts for a few days, does it hurt for a long time?

How long does wisdom tooth extraction last? Those are the concerns of many customers when they come to Singae dental clinic. During the procedure, the doctors used local anesthesia to help the patient feel no pain. However, after the anesthetic wears off, you’ll start to feel some pain. Depending on the body of each person, the feeling of being heavier or lighter is different. At this time, you need to take the medicine exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

On average, it will take about 2-3 days for the sensation of pain after tooth extraction to subside.  

In the first hour after wisdom tooth extraction

At the site of the extraction wound, there will be swelling, pain and bleeding. You need to close the bandage tightly, limit talking because talking will loosen the cotton wool, slow down the healing process after 1-2 hours, the blood will stop, then you can remove the gauze to quickly dry the wound. 

Within 24 hours of wisdom tooth extraction

After the anesthetic wears off, the client will feel a sharp pain at the extraction site. During this time, absolutely do not make a strong impact or let anything sharp come into contact with the wound, to avoid bleeding again.

If the pain is worse, you can use ice to apply. The cold temperature of the ice will numb the sensory nerves around the wound, which is why it will give you quick pain relief.

During brushing, you should brush the outside and tongue, combined with mouthwash to kill bacteria in the oral cavity.

On the 2nd day after wisdom tooth extraction

The feeling is still quite painful, at this time you should use a warm towel to apply to your cheek. Warm towels have the effect of dilating blood vessels, increasing blood circulation to help wounds heal faster.

Chườm khăn ấm sau khi nhổ răng khôn giúp giảm đau
Applying a warm towel after wisdom tooth extraction helps relieve pain

From the 4th to the 7th day after wisdom tooth extraction

The pain almost completely disappears, when you can wash and eat normally. The process of pain relief after wisdom tooth extraction takes place in a short time, but the complete recovery process takes a long time. Therefore, even when the pain is gone, customers should still pay attention to eating and cleaning until the jaw bone density returns to normal.

Should wisdom teeth be extracted while in pain?

During the wisdom teeth eruption, if the wisdom teeth grow underground or grow crookedly and press on the adjacent teeth, it will cause pain. In addition, wisdom teeth growing in size will cause the gums to be red and swollen. The pain appears continuously and directly affects the health and life of the client. Therefore, many people have wondered, is it possible to perform tooth extraction surgery if the tooth is in pain?

Đau Răng Hàm Trong Cùng Là Dấu Hiệu Của Bệnh Gì?

Depending on the customer’s condition, the dentist will have reasonable treatment methods.

To accurately conclude whether the tooth can be extracted or not? Your doctor needs to visit you in person to assess the condition of your growing wisdom teeth. If the swelling and pain are mild, then normal extraction can be performed. If the tooth shows signs of inflammation, the doctor will prescribe an anti-inflammatory drug, the customer needs to treat the inflammation for 3-5 days, after the inflammation is under control, you can perform normal extraction. This helps to ensure the safety of the customer’s health.

After tooth extraction, many people believe that brushing should not be done, because brushing will cause the wound to become infected. This is a completely wrong view, because if you do not brush your teeth, the oral cavity is not clean, which is an ideal environment for bacteria to attack and cause dental problems.

Some complications after wisdom tooth extraction

After the doctor removes the wisdom tooth , the customer will solve all the previous problems such as toothache, difficult chewing… However, if the doctor pulls out the wrong technique or has a mistake in the procedure. Minor surgery will inadvertently leave dangerous complications such as:

Prolonged bleeding

After tooth extraction, in the first hours blood will flow at the extraction site. Usually, the bleeding stops after 24 hours. However, if you see a lot of bleeding, wet the gauze pad in your mouth, a lot of bleeding that doesn’t stop for 24 hours, you should contact your doctor immediately, because you may have encountered complications after spitting. Blood if not stopped in time will greatly affect your health. 

Infection after tooth extraction

After tooth extraction, you see swelling, prolonged pain or pus at the extraction site, do not be subjective, you may have an infection after extraction. The cause may be due to poor hygiene of the tooth extraction tool, the extraction room is not sterile or the patient does not take care of the teeth after the extraction properly.

You can fix it yourself by gargling with warm salt water, cleaning your teeth, and taking medicine exactly as prescribed. However, if you have a fever above 38.5 degrees, you should see a doctor.

Nhổ răng khôn có đau không
Wisdom tooth area after extraction

Numbness, loss of sensation in the face and tongue area

Usually after 1-2 hours, the anesthetic will wear off, but if you still feel numbness appearing in the lower half of the jaw and lower lip, it may be because the doctor has too much manipulation to invade the wire. nerve. This symptom will go away after a few weeks, but if after 6 months this sign does not go away, it is possible that the lower tooth nerve has been damaged.

To avoid unfortunate risks, as soon as these symptoms appear for more than 2 weeks, you should contact your doctor again. 

Pain at the site of tooth extraction 

Pain at the wisdom tooth extraction site can be compared to the remaining roots or because the soft tissues are damaged too much during the minor surgery. If you have pain for more than a week, you need to contact your doctor to find out the exact cause of pain after tooth extraction.

Above are some dangerous complications after wisdom tooth extraction , when you encounter one of the above symptoms, you should immediately contact your doctor for an appropriate treatment plan. 

Does wisdom tooth extraction need to fast for breakfast?

There is an opinion that before going to remove wisdom teeth, you should eat full to ensure health and spirit to perform minor surgery. There is also another opinion that you should not eat anything before having a tooth extraction because you need an anesthetic. So, do you need to fast for breakfast or not? Whether you should eat breakfast or fast before tooth extraction depends on the type of anesthetic used when the tooth is extracted. Here are the specific cases of ingestion of anesthetics:

Local anesthesia of the oral cavity can be eaten lightly

Local anesthesia of the oral cavity is a job that many dentists are applying to patients. You will be applied, injected with anesthetic to reduce pain and discomfort. This will help you to be completely awake during the procedure without feeling any pain.

With local anesthesia, you can still have a light breakfast like bread or porridge. However, you should not eat too much, do not drink stimulants first and need to get enough sleep before performing tooth extraction.

Nhổ răng khôn có đau không?
Local anesthesia can have a light breakfast

Can be eaten if anesthetized with Nitrous Oxide

In case of anesthesia with Nitrous Oxide. When using this anesthetic you can still feel everything around, the impact of the dentist on your teeth but it is not painful.

Using this anesthetic you can eat and drink before performing wisdom tooth extraction, because nitrous oxide has no special requirements for food.

Do not eat with intravenous anesthesia

In case of long minor surgery such as extracting many teeth at the same time or the customer is sensitive and afraid of pain, they should ask the doctor for intravenous anesthesia. Intravenous anesthesia will keep you from feeling everything around you.

Normally with other anesthetic methods, you only need to stay in the clinic for 1-2 hours to monitor and wait for the anesthetic to wear off, but with this method you will have to wait for a longer recovery time. For your safety, you should go with your loved ones.

Intravenous anesthesia will prevent you from eating or drinking anything before, including water. When performing tooth extraction, you should remove it after eating at least 6 hours.

Nhổ răng không có đau không?
Do not eat breakfast if you have an intravenous sedation

The cost of wisdom tooth extraction depends on the complexity of the misaligned teeth. If the teeth are impacted or misaligned, it takes a long time to treat, the cost will be greater and vice versa.

Kind of wisdom teeth  Unit Price
Straight teeth Tooth 1.500.000 VNĐ
Teeth erupting 45 degrees Tooth 3.000.000 VNĐ
Teeth erupting 90 degrees Tooth 3.000.000 VNĐ
Teeth that grow in the distance Tooth 3.000.000 VNĐ
Misaligned teeth Tooth 3.000.000 VNĐ

Why should wisdom teeth be extracted at Singae Dental?

Singae Dental uses the Piezotome ultrasound machine with many outstanding advantages in 4 criteria to see the outstanding difference between the new generation Piezotome tooth extraction technology compared to the traditional method of tooth extraction:

Công nghệ nhổ răng Piezotome tại nha khoa Singae
 Piezotome tooth extraction technology at Singae dental clinic

Significant pain relief

Unlike the use of saws and pliers to lift the wisdom teeth of traditional tooth extraction techniques, Piezotome technology will use ultrasonic waves around the area of ​​​​the teeth to be extracted, helping to separate the gums from the roots easily. best.

 Safe, soft tissue protection

Piezotome ultrasonic tooth extraction technology has almost no impact on the nerves and blood vessels around the root area, but precisely determines the position of the tooth to be extracted, accurately shaping the jaw bone structure to help extract the tooth. safe.

 Save execution time

Piezotome ultrasonic wisdom tooth extraction includes an anesthetic phase, then uses ultrasound waves to isolate the tooth root and gums to make the extraction easier. The whole extraction process takes only 15-30 minutes.

 Quick recovery

The use of sound waves with sound stages from 28-36 Khz moves flexibly, limiting the impact on soft tissues, limiting bleeding, so it will not cause complications around the roots, and recover quickly.

Above are useful information about wisdom tooth extraction that customers need to know, as well as explanations for the question “Does wisdom tooth extraction hurt?” If customers have a need to visit or extract teeth, they can contact Singae dental office for a free examination! 

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