Should braces for children? When is the most appropriate time to put braces on children’s teeth, … are the questions of many parents when they intend to give their children braces. Follow the article below to find the answer.

Should braces for children?

According to research reports from the American Dental Association, the early implementation of braces for children will bring strong teeth, along with other benefits such as:

Có nên [ niềng răng cho trẻ ] không? Thời điểm nào thích hợp nhất?

– Braces for children early will overcome the conditions of protruding, underbite, misaligned, … bring a beautiful set of teeth and a bright smile. This will greatly help the child’s psychological development, helping them to be more confident when communicating with friends around.

Braces for children early will help children better protect their teeth, avoid oral diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, which can damage permanent teeth. Because after having straight teeth, the sticking and sticking of food on the teeth will be limited and oral hygiene will also become easier, helping to protect the teeth from bacterial attack.

Braces for children in cases of malocclusion help restore the chewing ability of the teeth, avoiding improper chewing that affects the digestive system and stomach.

– If you do early braces for children, it will also help them improve pronunciation, they will say words rounder and pronounce more accurately.

Braces for children early will shorten the time of braces and make children less painful during the braces process. Because at this time, the child’s jawbone system is still developing and not yet fully developed, so orthodontic treatment will be easier without much impact.

In addition, braces for children from an early age will help parents save significant costs compared to braces when the child is an adult. That is why braces for children are extremely necessary.

When is the best time for braces for children?

Braces for children are divided by experts into 2 main stages, namely:

Stage 1: Braces for children from 6-12 years old

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From 6 to 12 years old is the period when children are changing the group of baby teeth into the group of permanent teeth. Children’s bad habits such as tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, etc. are very easy to cause children to have problems with teeth growing unbalanced. Orthodontic intervention at this time will help correct misaligned teeth. At the same time, orienting the permanent teeth to grow in the right direction, bringing beautiful, evenly developed teeth for the baby.

Stage 2: Braces for children from 12 to 17 years old

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At this stage, the baby’s jawbone and permanent teeth are fully developed and formed. Braces are highly effective. Correction of teeth defects such as underbite, overbite, crowding will be carried out gently without having to extract the child’s teeth. At the same time, the force acting on the child’s teeth will take place quickly, helping the teeth to move easily and give the desired results.

The most popular methods of braces for children today

Currently, there are many effective methods of braces that can meet the aesthetic needs of people with braces from children to adults. Parents should carefully refer to each method. Each method will have its own advantages and limitations as well as different costs. Such as:

Metal braces

Metal braces are a method of using an elastic band to fix the arch wire in the bracket groove. The main advantage of this method is creating strong traction, ensuring the braces process is continuous and has the highest efficiency with optimal cost. However, this method has a limitation that the brackets are easily detected by others, making the user feel embarrassed.

Có nên [ niềng răng cho trẻ ] không? Thời điểm nào thích hợp nhất?

In addition, the method of metal braces is divided into 2 types: traditional metal braces and automatic braces.

Traditional metal braces are a method of using stainless steel or stainless steel brackets combined with elastic bands to fix the arch wire in the bracket groove, creating traction to help the teeth move.

– Automatic metal braces also use stainless steel brackets. But the difference from standard metal brackets is that the elastic band will be replaced with an automatic locking pin. This locking pin also has the same function as an elastic band, which helps to fix the arch wire in the bracket groove, creating traction to help the teeth move.

Compared with traditional braces, automatic metal braces will help children limit complications after braces such as reducing sensitivity and pain when wearing braces, overcoming protruding teeth, misaligned, deviating from simple to complex.

Porcelain braces

Like metal braces, ceramic braces also have the effect of moving teeth. However, this method will be more aesthetic than using pure porcelain with a color similar to the color of the teeth.

Like metal braces, porcelain braces also have 2 types: traditional ceramic braces and self-ligating ceramic braces with similar features and effects as metal braces.

Transparent braces

Invisalign clear braces or braces are considered the most modern method of braces today. This method, instead of using brackets, will be used with transparent braces, so it is extremely aesthetic, bringing 100% confidence to the user.

In addition, these aligners are designed specifically for each customer, so they will be suitable for each person’s situation. In particular, the transparent aligners are easily removable.

Things to keep in mind when getting braces for children

When intending to braces for children, parents should note a few things to be able to achieve the best orthodontic results.

Choose a reputable braces address

Currently, there are many dental clinics that perform orthodontics. To choose a reputable dentist for braces for children, you need to keep in mind the following 3 criteria:

– Professional qualifications and skills of the doctor

The team of experienced doctors will directly affect the effectiveness of braces and minimize the possible risks during orthodontic treatment.

– Modern facilities, machinery and equipment systems

The dental address is fully equipped with necessary and modern machines and equipment that will support the doctor in the whole examination process to the orthodontic process. This will help the braces process go smoothly and achieve the highest efficiency. In addition, you also need to ask clearly the origin of the materials when performing orthodontic treatment for children, these materials must have quality control.

– Standard consultation and examination process

A reputable, quality dental clinic must have a specific process. From getting customer information, making an appointment for a visit to the braces process, from visiting, consulting, attaching brackets and taking care of customers to the end of the braces process.

Choose the right braces method

As mentioned above, there are many methods of braces for children. However, each method will be suitable for different cases from mild to severe, from simple to complex. To be able to choose the right orthodontic method for your child, you need to take your child to see a dentist for a direct examination and determine the degree of misalignment of the teeth. Only then can an appropriate treatment plan be devised.

Guiding and reminding children about oral hygiene

Clean oral hygiene during the braces process will help minimize the formation and growth of bacteria that cause gingivitis, tooth decay, etc. In order for children to have proper oral hygiene, parents must need to cooperate with the doctor to guide the child. You should let your baby use soft-bristled brushes, floss and specialized mouthwash instead of conventional products.

Above is information on whether to braces for children and when is the most appropriate time. If you have any questions about braces for children, please contact us via hotline for advice and to schedule a direct visit.

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