Should I get tartar ? Is it good to get tartar? Is removing tartar painful? Is it okay to not take tartar?…. These are the questions asked by many people. Follow the article below to find the answer.

Tartar is the stubborn layer that exists between teeth and gums. The method of removing tartar is a method of cleaning teeth with a simple and quick implementation process. However, there are many people who still wonder if tartar is good or not? Should I get tartar?

Should I get tartar?

“Should I get tartar?” This is an issue that many customers care about. In fact, long-term tartar is the main cause of oral diseases such as gingivitis. Along with that are symptoms but bleeding gums, bad breath. Above all, tartar can also cause diseases such as periodontitis, making teeth painful and sensitive when eating and drinking. Worse still, the teeth can become loose and fall out.

[Có nên lấy cao răng không]? Lấy cao răng có tốt không?

Bacteria in tartar plaques is also one of the causes of diseases in the oral mucosa area. Therefore, with the question “Should I get tartar?” then the answer is YES and you should go for regular tartar

3 reasons why you should go for regular tartar

First, bacterial toxins present in tartar plaque cause an inflammatory response in the mouth. Inflammation will cause bone loss in the teeth to appear. In addition, the gums may recede, losing grip on the teeth, making the teeth look longer, exposing the neck area. You will also feel sensitivity and discomfort in your teeth every time you eat or drink.

[Có nên lấy cao răng không]? Lấy cao răng có tốt không?

– The next thing is, the length of the tooth is essentially unchanged. So when you feel that your teeth seem longer, it means that your jawbone is being resorbed, exposing the root part of the bone. The longer the teeth, the less part of the roots in the jawbone, which leads to the teeth becoming loose and falling out.

Finally, bone loss is an inevitable physiological phenomenon. Taking tartar regularly will keep the bones of the teeth at a stable level.

Với những ảnh hưởng xấu trên, bạn nên đi kiểm tra nha khoa định kỳ 6 tháng/lần. Đừng đợi đến khi cao răng nhiều mới đi lấy. Khi đó, cao răng sẽ hình thành và để lại các tổn thương và hậu quả khôn lường cho răng và sức khỏe của bạn.

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Does taking tartar affect health or not?

Scaling is a method to remove plaque and debris calcified by bacteria. This is a technique that many people trust to use because it does not cause sensitivity and pain. Moreover, the process of getting tartar is done very quickly, the cost is suitable for most Vietnamese people. However, is it good to take tartar and does it affect your teeth?

[Có nên lấy cao răng không]? Lấy cao răng có tốt không?

Tartar removal is the process of using specialized dental tools to remove and clean stubborn plaque in the teeth. This process will help prevent tartar formation and dangerous dental diseases. But do not overdo this method.

If you take tartar regularly or your dentist does not take care of you properly, it can lead to bleeding gums and other injuries. Therefore, to keep your teeth healthy, you should only perform regular tartar cleaning every 6 months or as directed by your doctor.

Is tartar removal painful?

Currently, there are many people wondering if removing tartar is painful and has any complications? In fact, the removal of tartar is just the external effects of the teeth, removing the tartar layers and does not have any serious effect on your oral health. For those who do it for the first time or for those with sensitive teeth, you may feel a little bit of toothache during the process of scaling. However, do not worry because this condition will disappear within 1 to 2 days without the need for drug intervention.

[Có nên lấy cao răng không]? Lấy cao răng có tốt không?

Some of you feel bewildered when the root of the tooth is bleeding during scaling. However, this is just a normal expression because the tartar layer is too thick and clings to the roots of the teeth, so in the process of scraping off the lime will have a slight impact on the gums. In addition, those of you with sensitive teeth are often prone to bleeding gums when there is an external impact.

After performing the scaling, the doctor often advises the patient to note the following to limit the impact on the freshly cleaned tooth root. Specifically like:

  • Do not use foods and drinks with a lot of ice, or even too hot.
  • Absolutely do not smoke, do not drink dark colored drinks such as pay, coffee, smoothies (carrots), …
  • For cases where the teeth are not healthy, the doctor will prescribe medicine. Therefore, you should strictly follow the instructions of your doctor.
  • Make sure to follow up with the doctor’s request to easily monitor the effectiveness and change of the teeth after completing the treatment.

Is it okay to not take tartar?

The answer to the question of not taking tartar is okay, the answer is definitely yes, but the degree of impact on the oral health of each person is different. If you regularly clean your teeth clean and scientific, the remaining plaque on your teeth is very little, only a thin layer of tartar is attached. At this time, not taking tartar will make the color of the teeth more yellow, no longer bright white.

[Có nên lấy cao răng không]? Lấy cao răng có tốt không?

Nếu bạn không thường xuyên vệ sinh răng miệng hay vệ sinh răng miệng không đúng cách, lượng cao răng chắc chắn sẽ nhiều hơn. Nếu không lấy cao răng thì độc tố của vi khuẩn trong cao răng sẽ gây ra viêm lợi với các biểu hiện răng chảy máu, miệng có mùi hôi. Đây cũng là nguyên nhân dẫn đến bệnh viêm nha chu làm răng bị đau, ê buốt khi ăn uống, nặng hơn có thể lung lay và rụng răng.

Không lấy cao răng cũng là nguyên nhân gây ra viêm tủy, viêm mạc miệng, viêm amidan,… Chính vì vậy, các nha sĩ thường khuyến khích đi lấy cao răng định kỳ 3 – 6 tháng 1 lần tùy vào lượng cao răng hình thành ở mỗi người là nhiều hay ít.

It is not because you have not seen any symptoms due to not removing tartar that you can be subjective, because once the amount of bacteria present in tartar grows large enough, it will lead to many oral diseases at the same time. Thus, you will spend a lot of time, effort and money for treatment.

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How long does it take to get tartar?

Scaling is a dental treatment process with simple manipulations, to remove all stains and tartar plaque around the crown and under the gums. Although simple, it requires meticulousness and gentleness to be able to clean all these plaques and limes. The time to scrape tartar will last from 15 to 30 minutes, if your teeth have less lime, the time to get tartar will be faster.

[Có nên lấy cao răng không]? Lấy cao răng có tốt không?

Unlike in the past, when tartar had to be manipulated manually with specialized tools, today scaling has become easier for both patients and doctors.

How long does it take to shave teeth again?

You should get tartar about every 6 months for cases of good oral hygiene and little tartar.

You should get tartar every 3-4 months if you regularly smoke, drink coffee, alcohol. And people with poor oral hygiene, with rough enamel that easily accumulates plaque should also get tartar from this time.

[Có nên lấy cao răng không]? Lấy cao răng có tốt không?

Particularly in the case of children under 10 years old, when removing tartar, it is necessary to consult a doctor. The process of removing tartar is also done gently so as not to affect the oral health of the children.

Can it be said that taking tartar is good? The answer is good and usually painless. This also does not affect soft tissues or damage tooth enamel. But gum damage can still occur if the doctor’s manipulation directly affects areas such as the inner cheeks or tongue… And to limit sensitivity after removing tartar, you should choose Reputable professional facility with modern equipment.

After getting tartar, what do you abstain from?

Understanding if tartar is good or not, find out what to abstain when you have just finished removing tartar. Many methods of cosmetic dentistry or treatment of pathological diseases in dentistry need to be abstained. However, for the removal of tartar, there is no need to abstain much. Some things you need to keep in mind after completing the tartar removal process are as follows:

Limit foods that are too hot or cold after removing tartar

[Có nên lấy cao răng không]? Lấy cao răng có tốt không?

First, you need to limit eating foods that are too hot, too cold or too spicy. Immediately after removing tartar, you should limit eating foods such as ice cream, ice, spicy noodles … Because at this time, the teeth have just been cleaned of a rather thick layer of residue, so they are easily irritated. In addition, enamel cannot recover immediately to protect teeth from sudden impacts. If you eat these foods right away, your teeth will become sensitive. Worse, it can lead to chipping, breaking, receding gums or even death of the pulp.

Limit foods containing a lot of sugar after removing tartar

[Có nên lấy cao răng không]? Lấy cao răng có tốt không?

Limit the use of foods high in sugar and starch. Such foods can be mentioned as sweet candies, carbonated drinks. You need to limit use after removing tartar. Because when eating these foods will give bacteria conditions to grow. It also causes serious dental problems. In addition, tartar is also easy to accumulate when eating these foods too much. Using too much of the above foods will make getting tartar whether it is good or not becomes really bad.

Limit strong acidic foods after removing tartar

Abstain from eating strongly acidic foods: foods such as grapefruit, oranges, lemons, coffee, alcohol, etc. These are the foods and drinks you should abstain from using after removing tartar. At this time, the teeth are still very weak and the acid will easily damage the teeth.

Không sử dụng các biện pháp tẩy trắng sau khi lấy cao răng

Không được sử dụng phương pháp tẩy trắng răng dù là tự nhiên hay sử dụng hóa chất. Việc tẩy trắng răng sau khi vừa mới lấy cao răng là hoàn toàn sai lầm. Men răng và các mô nướu lúc này còn khá yếu và chưa ổn định. Do đó bạn tuyệt đối không được tẩy trắng răng. Kỹ thuật này sẽ khiến có răng bị mài mòn, gây ê buốt và kích ứng răng và nướu.

Nha khoa lấy cao răng chất lượng

Currently on the market there are many different dental units that you can easily find information. However, you are probably still wondering about the quality of service they bring. Many people, because of choosing unscrupulous addresses, like cheap prices, which causes bad consequences for their own teeth. One of the ways to understand if tartar is good is to find a reputable dental address. Singae Dental will be a reliable address for you!

With many years of experience in the field of orthodontics. Singae Dental is always an address frequented by millions of customers. The enthusiastic and dedicated support of the medical team and doctors here will make customers satisfied. You will be consulted and closely monitored throughout the orthodontic process. So you can rest assured about your condition.

How much does it cost to get tartar?

Most dental clinics and hospitals have tartar removal services, but you should carefully research and choose for yourself a quality and reputable place to give your full trust. In fact, the price of tartar is often not fixed and depends on many factors. Such as:

Thickness of tartar: depending on the amount of tartar in each patient, the doctor will offer an appropriate price. For example, for those of you who have less tartar, the cost of the dental scaling service will be lower. Or the first time you shave your teeth with thick, hard and many plaques, the price of fish will be somewhat higher.

Service and quality of equipment in each clinic and hospital: with prestigious locations, good service quality, high level of doctors, modern technology, the price will be higher than other clinics. normal. The cost for each time to get tartar at Singae dental office is 300,000 VND/time.

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