Customers at Singae Dental Clinic are mostly the elderly with oral diseases. That makes them suffer from many difficulties in daily life, and moreover, it directly affects their health conditions. Therefore, a reputable dental clinic plays a very important role in protecting and taking care of their teeth.

The mouth is the gateway to the digestive system, if there is a problem with the teeth, it will greatly affect the digestive process. Some common dental problems that older adults face include:

Tooth loss

Losing teeth is an inevitable part of the aging process. As time goes by, our teeth will become weaker, no longer as strong as when we were young. Initially, it will start with a tooth wobbly symptom, patients will find it more difficult to eat and drink. Then there is the loss of a tooth, in more serious cases, the entire jaw may be lost. At this time, patients lost their chewing ability and can only eat porridge, soup, and other soft food.

Răng của bà Vân
Mrs.Van- losing many teeth- came to Singae Dental Clinic for Implants

The loss of teeth greatly affects the health of the elderly such as:

  • Causing difficulty in eating, limiting the body’s absorption of nutrients, reducing resistance in the body, and increasing the risk of digestive diseases.
  • When an adult loses a tooth but does not have timely treatment, the bone position where the tooth will gradually disappear due to the lack of chewing force, leading to Osteoporosis.
  • Tooth loss in the elderly makes the aging process faster.

Implant surgery at Singae Dental Clinic improves tooth loss

Dental Implant is considered the most advanced method to replace one or many lost teeth at present.

The factor that makes Singae Dental Clinic different from other clinics is SSI Implant Technology. Up to the present time, Singae Dental Clinic is the only clinic to apply technology in Implant surgery, increasing the success rate to 99%, and shortening the treatment time from 6 months to 1- 3 months.

In SSI Implant technology, the structure of an Implant tooth will include 5 parts: A pillar, an abutment, a tooth core, a crown, and screws. After inserting the Implant pillar into the jaw bone, the patient will wait for about 1-3 months so the Implant post and the bone are compatible. After that, the dentist will proceed to install the porcelain crown onto the pillar. The crown and the abutment will be connected by two-way screws. In case the tooth is chipped, the dentist only needs to remove the screw to replace the crown without affecting the Abutment and the Implant pillar, minimizing the Implant pillar rejection.

Cấu tạo trụ Implant
structure of an SSI Implant tooth 

With the old technology, a tooth will consist of 3 parts: A pillar, an abutment, and a crown. The crown and the abutment are attached with a cementitious adhesive. The dentist proceeds to pour the adhesive around the inner surface of the crown and attach it to the Abutment. The excess adhesive around the Implant post causes inflammation. Besides, the crown and Abutment are fixed so it is difficult to disassemble. To remove the crown, it is necessary to remove the Abutment, this directly affects the Implant pillar, causing the rejection of the pillar.

structure of an old-method Implant tooth

Chipped, yellow teeth

răng mẻ, ố vàng
Chipped teeth and discolored teeth” (Illustrative images)

Consequences of not treating chipped teeth and yellowed teeth  

A chipped tooth will expose the dentin, causing sensitivity while eating, especially when food is too hot or too cold. It also creates ideal conditions for bacteria to easily penetrate, destroys tooth structure and forms pathologies such as caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, and abscesses, …

If the chipped tooth/teeth is in the chewing position, it can also greatly affect the bite. The food will not be crushed probably before swallowing, and easy to get digestive diseases over time.

Chipped teeth become sharper which can tear soft tissues in the oral cavity, creating an environment for bacteria to live.

Discolored teeth are caused by a long-term accumulation of plaque. These plaques contain a large number of bacteria, and when these plaques adhere deeply and corrode, it will no longer be an aesthetic problem but causes problems such as inflammatory diseases of the gums, chipped and fragile teeth…

Treatment methods at Singae Dental Clinic

We have two solutions for both pathologies: porcelain crowns or dental porcelain veneers.

  • Dental porcelain crown

Porcelain crown is a method of cosmetic tooth restoration that grinds down the outer tissue of the existing tooth to install a porcelain crown with the same shape and size as a real tooth. This method brings a whole new look to the teeth: intact and bright.

Dental porcelain veneers at Singae Dental Clinic
Dental porcelain veneers at Singae Dental Clinic

Advantages of having porcelain crowns at Singae Dental Clinic

Origin of porcelain crown

All types of porcelain crowns at Singae Dental Clinic are imported from Germany and the US- countries that are well-known for their high-quality crowns as for their high strength, pure porcelain materials,…. These factors give the teeth a natural color, and long life and especially do not cause bad breath, or black gums when covering teeth.


At Singae Dental Clinic, the dentist will only grind the outer layer of the tooth, minimizing the impact on the tooth pulp, so there will be no sensitivity or toothache appear after the treatment. During the grinding process, desensitizers will be used to reduce the pain. After finishing, the doctor will install temporary teeth ( since a permanent porcelain tooth takes 2-3 days to complete) to prevent tooth sensitivity, ensuring the aesthetics for the clients when communicating and chewing activities.

Fast waiting time

It only takes 2-3 days (instead of 5-6 days like before) for customers to have a new set of teeth because Singae has our own dental workshop helping to speed up the process for customers.

As function as real teeth

Because the new teeth have a strong structure and high bearing capacity, they completely meet the needs of normal eating, and help customers to eat better. This treatment improves chewing ability and prevents digestive diseases.

Chị Lan Oanh
Mrs.Lan Oanh- 40 years old had 20 porcelain teeth at Singae Dental Clinic
  • Dental Veneers

Dentist only needs to grind a small portion of your teeth to attach the Veneers stickers. The veneer sticker is a 0.2-0.3 mm layer to cover the original teeth. This technique optimizes the result and still protect your teeth from being damaged.

Advantages of having Veneers at Singae Dental Clinic

High aesthetics

The outer layer of porcelain gives you a white, bright, especially natural tooth without grinding or destroying the existing teeth.


Many customers hesitate about the duration of those “thin stickers”. Do not be worried. Because porcelain teeth are glued with a special glue and cement system, it will help keep the stickers intact and not peeling out during the daily routine.

Maximum real teeth protection

Because this method only asks to grind a very thin layer on the outer surface of the tooth, it does not affect the structure of real teeth, limiting the invasion of bacteria, and ensuring normal chewing ability.

Minimize plaque

The outer porcelain layer helps to prevent the formation and growth of bacteria, creating tartar plaque. This helps to reduce the risk of oral diseases such as periodontitis, gingivitis, tooth decay, …

Chị Thanh Bình - 45 tuổi Dán 26 răng sứ Veneer tại Nha khoa Singae

Gingivitis, periodontitis

What are the symptoms of periodontal disease?

For normal people, their gums will be a bright pink and stick to the roots of the teeth tightly. People with periodontitis, on the other hand, will have the following symptoms:

  • Gums are swollen, have bright red, dark red and are easy to bleed.
  • There are many tartar plaques deposited around the crown of the tooth.
  • Halitosis begins to appear.
  • having gingival recession
Viêm lợi
Hình ảnh minh hoạ

Consequences of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is a common disease, if it is not treated in time, it will cause many consequences such as:

  • Causing bad breath, bleeding gums, and making patients feel unconfident and difficult to communicate.
  • Causing disorders of the bite, and difficulty as well as pain when chewing.
  • Because the gums do not stick tightly to the tooth roots, the teeth are easily displaced while chewing.
  • Risk of causing an Abscess.
  • Destroying tissues that support teeth, causing the loosening of the teeth, tooth loss, and inflammation.

Treatments for gingivitis, periodontitis at Singae Dental Clinic

Step 1:  Remove tartar and clean the oral cavity because the main cause of periodontitis is plaque on the teeth surface.

Step 2: Get the marks of 2 jaws.

Step 3: Wear a perio tray(The level of severe gingivitis will lead to periodontitis, at that point, the dentist will have to have further treatment.)

If you have other further questions about oral health, please contact Singae for more detailed advice.

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