Single Implant

1. What is single tooth loss?

Single tooth loss is a common condition when the tooth is injured and has pathologies that need to be removed. This affects the patient’s health and aesthetics. The most common tooth loss are the molars, premolars and incisors. The treatment of simple tooth loss is extremely necessary because in the long period, the tooth loss will create conditions for tooth decay to develop, causing bite disorders and the risk of periodontal disease.

hiện tượng xô lệch khi mất 1 răng
Misalignment when having tooth loss

2. What is simple Implant?

Single dental Implants apply to people who have lost one tooth or multiple non-consecutive teeth. The doctor will put the Implant pillar made of Titanium (with high biocompatibility) into the jaw bone to replace the missing root. The implant tooth will replace the lost tooth.

SSI Single dental Implant process

3. Why should we choose Simple Implant instead of other methods?

Compared to other methods such as dental bridge, removable dentures the price of a single Implant is more expensive. But in the long-term period, this method of mplantation is the most cost-saving method. Owing to :

  •   The implant pillar firmly integrates with the jaw bone, so after the Implant surgery, it will improve chewing function for customers.
  •     Preventing the consequences of tooth loss such as: jaw bone dissipation, wrinkled skin, sunken cheeks, affecting other teeth, etc.
  •     Implant pillars are made of titanium which has high durability. Therefore, the usage cycle can last at least 20 years.

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