Losing many teeth causes severe consequences, affects their way of communication and eating, it also causes early aging. There are so many dangerous complications that many people worry about how to restore lost teeth.

1. How is the loss of many adjacent teeth affected us?

– Affects chewing function: This makes it difficult to bite and hard to crush food, limiting the ability to absorb nutrients and leading to gastrointestinal diseases.

Causing osteoporosis: When a tooth is lost, the jawbone will gradually disappear in the position of the missing tooth, making you look older than your real age..

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2. Tooth bridge on pillar Implant– A method of planting artificial teeth for people who have lost many adjacent  teeth

If the customer has lost 3 adjacent teeth and has a limited budget, a 2-pilar Implant system on both sides with a bridge upon these 2 pillars will be the best solution. This helps customers fit their budgets while still being able to restore chewing function.

The common cases using tooth bridge on Pillar Implant:

– Using 2 Implants to replace 3-4 lost teeth.

– Using 3 Implants to replace 5-6 lost teeth.

3. Advantages of tooth bridges on Pillar Implant comparing to porcelain bridges

– No grinding adjacent teeth and no extra teeth are needed to insert the bridge (unlike the porcelain bridges technique).

– Prevent osteoporosis.

– Ensure aesthetics for patients, and brings back chewing function in an economic way for customers.

4. Outstanding advantages of tooth bridge on  SSI Pillar Implant compared to tooth bridge on Implant crown cementation.

– Tooth bridge on Implant crown cementation

+ The process of attaching the bridge onto the Implant using cement: the spare cement paste is left over and is difficult to remove. This causes inflammation around the Implant area and the rejection of the pillar Implant.

+ Tooth bridge replacement: if the tooth bridge is broken, the bridge must be removed (including the Abutment) to a new one. It is very difficult to remove the bridge and then reinstall it because the 2 Implant teeth are not absolutely parallel to each other and the connection between the abutment and the Implant post is an internal connection (the connection under the gums). This causes pain to the patient as well as the traveling time to see the dentist. More than that, the removal and installation many times will affect the Implant post in the jawbone.

– Tooth bridge on  SSI Pillar Implant

+ No Implant inflammation or pillar Implant elimination thanks to cement-free.

+ The crown and abutment are connected by screws, so removing the teeth for repair is very easy and painless. The customers do not have to pay for any extra costs and it does not affect the pillar Implant in the jawbone.

Losing many teeth causes many serious consequences, so it is advisable to have Implant as soon as possible. If there are any questions about Implant technology, contact us now for more details!

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