What are the 4 issues that you should discuss with your doctor before placing a fixed implant? Follow along with the article below to find out the answer.

4 issues you should discuss with your doctor before having a fixed implant

There is nothing like understanding your own health and implanting implants. When you know the condition of your teeth and the appropriate treatment method, you will save time and money.

There are many people who are worried and shy about seeing a doctor, which leads to cases of apprehension, less communication with doctors and not expressing their wishes. This makes it difficult for doctors to coordinate and sometimes there may be additional situations such as customer dissatisfaction after being treated by the doctor,

Therefore, to ensure that your dental implant process is highly effective and convenient, do not forget to discuss with your doctor the following 4 issues:

Your oral health and body health

The parts of the human body are extremely closely connected with each other, sometimes the state of your oral health may be reflecting the overall health of the whole body and vice versa. To get dental implants, customers need to meet some basic health standards. In addition, if your body has some underlying medical conditions, it may not be possible to perform an implant.

[ Top 4 ] vấn đề bạn nên trao đổi với bác sĩ trước khi trồng răng Implant

Therefore, you should clearly inform your treating doctor about your general health status such as what medications you are taking, if you have any underlying medical conditions, if you have any allergies. ….

Besides, you also need to share specifically about your oral health status such as losing teeth in any position, how long it takes, gingivitis, bleeding gums or not, ….

The more you share about your general health, the easier it will be for your doctor to give you the correct implant procedure and the right type of implant. Or if you cannot perform the method of implantation, the doctor will quickly advise another option, avoiding your time and expense.

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Ask your doctor about your oral health

When going to a fixed implant, you should not leave it all to the doctor. If you are a person who has lost teeth, you also need to understand the dental problems that you are having so that you can prepare mentally and the cost of a transplant.

[ Top 4 ] vấn đề bạn nên trao đổi với bác sĩ trước khi trồng răng Implant

Once you have a clear understanding of your oral health and implantation schedule, you and your dentist will work together more smoothly. In addition, if you are always proactive, you can reduce anxiety and stress because you do not need to monitor the treatment steps yourself.

However, don’t worry too much. Because, at Singae dental, the team of doctors always clearly informs and advises you on the status of your oral health. Only when you have understood and agreed to perform the transplant, the doctor will proceed with the treatment

Find out the right treatment

Each person will have a different situation of tooth loss. Therefore, the treatment process will also be different. For example, if you have just lost a tooth, you will be prescribed a different treatment than a customer who has lost teeth for a long time and has lost a lot of jaw bone. The most important thing is that you can only know which implant method is right for you when you go to the dentist to examine and discuss directly with the doctor.

At Singae dental, each customer will be given a separate treatment plan by the doctor. In addition to the goal of improving chewing function and aesthetics, doctors at Singae will advise on the most optimal method of tooth implantation so that customers can save costs right from the start.

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How to take care after dental implant fixed?

Whether it is a dental implant or a real tooth, the care and hygiene regime is extremely important. Your Implant teeth will last a long time or not depends a lot on the care of the customer after the implant is finished. Therefore, do not forget to ask your doctor to guide you on how to clean and eat during the consultation session with fixed Implant and after the implant is complete.

[ Top 4 ] vấn đề bạn nên trao đổi với bác sĩ trước khi trồng răng Implant

Asking in advance how to take care of the Implant teeth at the beginning also helps you assess whether the dentist you choose is thorough and dedicated. Based on the care instructions and preparation steps before, during and after the dental implant implantation for you, you can confidently and assuredly decide whether to choose to perform the transplant in Vietnam. here or not.

Above is some information about issues you must definitely discuss with your doctor before performing a fixed Implant case. If you have any questions, please contact us via our hotline for advice and to schedule a free consultation.

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