What are German porcelain teeth? What are the advantages of this line? What types of German porcelain teeth are there on the market? How much does it cost…. are questions from customers when learning about porcelain teeth. Let’s read the article below to find the answer together.

Overview of German porcelain teeth?

German porcelain teeth are porcelain teeth manufactured in Germany. German products, especially those related to healthcare, are very popular with consumers around the world. Products in Germany always ensure quality and safety for the health of users.

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Most of the genuine German porcelain teeth products are certified as high quality teeth, great efficiency for users. The common point of most German porcelain teeth is that they are manufactured based on CAD / CAM technology. The most modern technique of designing and manufacturing porcelain teeth via computer with precision and high aesthetics today. 

Advantages of German porcelain teeth 

Here are some outstanding advantages of German porcelain teeth:

Both have high strength and durability, comfortable chewing like real teeth.

The color of these porcelain teeth is very natural because it is made from pure porcelain, ensuring the aesthetics of the customer’s teeth.

– High quality porcelain material, safe for a long time with the oral cavity and the whole body. When using German porcelain teeth, it will limit bad breath, black gums or oxidation like conventional metal porcelain teeth. 

– German porcelain has a life expectancy of up to 20 years or can be much longer if customers know how to preserve and take care of them. 

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What are the current lines of German porcelain teeth?

Some of the typical and quite famous German porcelain teeth are now widely known as:

1. German porcelain teeth Nacera Q3

Nacera Q3 porcelain teeth is one of the high-class porcelain teeth from Germany. Completely using CAD/CAM technology to design. Not only brings accuracy and certainty, but also has high aesthetics like real teeth.

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Structure of Nacera Q3 all-ceramic teeth:

– Commonly used in heavy industry (Zirconia), so German porcelain teeth have very strong hardness and durability. 

– The porcelain layer outside the frame is fired at high temperature to create a homogeneous mass. 

The final coated Nacera Classic Liquid layer creates an almost perfect gloss and natural finish for teeth.

Advantages of Nacera Q3. porcelain teeth

Nacera Q3 porcelain teeth have many good advantages that people can feel when using:

  • Color fastness:

Nacera Q3 porcelain teeth use high technology to make the color of the porcelain not change even in a humid environment like teeth. 

  • Save time:

Nacera Q3 porcelain teeth have pre-made colors without having to go through any time-consuming stages: staining, color processing, drying, … Very time-saving for both users and doctors. doctor.

  • Still keeping the aesthetics:

Nacera Q3 porcelain teeth are suitable for most teeth colors of customers because it is designed with 16 available tones. Having a structure similar to real teeth provides the most optimal aesthetics even when not covered with porcelain.

  • Reliability:

The zirconia contained in Nacera Q3 is used to make products resistant to abrasion. Used to make disc brakes in the automotive industry, the hull of spacecraft. So it can bear the same force as our real teeth.

  • Safety:

The German porcelain tooth line Nacera Q3 has extremely good insulation ability, Teeth will not be irritated by hot and cold foods and drinks. Do not worry about the product being oxidized in the oral environment. Nacera has a high gloss so as not to create plaque by sticking food and drinks.

2. Emax series of German porcelain teeth

Emax porcelain teeth is a high-class porcelain product from Ivoclar Vivadent (Germany) researched and developed. This name Emax stands for the phrase Esthetic Maximum, which means maximum and best aesthetics.

Emax porcelain teeth are made up of Lithium Disilicate ribs. The inner rib is made of modern, high-tech glass-ceramic fibers. 5 layers of porcelain on the outside together with this rib layer help create optical properties like real teeth. So when done, it will have the same clarity and vivid color as real teeth.

Emax porcelain teeth are also baked at a high temperature of > 1600 degrees Celsius, so their bearing capacity, fracture resistance, good fracture resistance and hardness are very strong.

Advantages of Emax porcelain teeth:

  • Durable:

Compared to real teeth, this line is 4-6 times stronger than real teeth. With 100% porcelain material combined with high-quality glass-ceramic material, Emax porcelain teeth have been tested to be super hard teeth, able to withstand the force of chewing, making it extremely convenient for customers.

Even when eating hard, tough, and erratic foods, Emax porcelain teeth do not warp, crack, but are extremely strong. Teeth are always whiter for a long time

After many years of using Emax porcelain, the teeth still retain their beautiful color and are extremely resistant to adhesion. Exposure to food every day, but Emax porcelain teeth retain their glossy white color, not dull, black frame border 

  • Long life:

Emax porcelain teeth also have a much longer life than previous conventional porcelain teeth. Emax porcelain crowns can be maintained for more than 10 years. With good care, regular dental check-ups can also protect the life of teeth up to 15-20 years.

  • Very safe for the mouth:

When using Emax porcelain crowns, customers will not have to worry about gingivitis irritation, severe pain, bleeding gums or other damaged areas in the oral cavity, which is completely impossible.

3. The line of German porcelain teeth Cercon

Cercon porcelain teeth are produced exclusively by DentSply from Germany. This is a type of porcelain tooth that the ribs and the outer part are made of porcelain. Cercon is the best non-metallic porcelain on the market today. The product can completely overcome most of the disadvantages of common metals (black gums, discoloration, unaffected by light exposure…). The price of Cercon porcelain teeth is relatively high because it is manufactured by CAD / CAM technology with absolute precision.

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Advantages of using Cercon porcelain teeth

  • High aesthetics

Cercon non-metallic porcelain teeth have the same optical transparency as real dentin, which is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, which is completely different from porcelain teeth with an alloy frame, when light When shining on, there will be a black shadow inside.

  • Durable:

Customers can feel secure in eating and chewing without worrying about chipping. The bearing index of Cercon porcelain teeth is limited to 900Mpa (while real teeth can only be at 200Mpa). The lifespan of Cercon porcelain teeth is about 10 years or longer depending on the user, it can be permanent with proper and reasonable dental care.

  • Other advantages

Does not cause allergic reactions to the tissues inside the oral cavity, which is extremely benign and safe.

Teeth have a natural whiteness and are similar to real teeth.

– Quick porcelain coating has a fairly fast implementation time, completing the process after only 2 visits.

The tooth surface is always polished and optimally clean.

4. German porcelain tooth line Ceramill

Ceramill porcelain teeth is a line of porcelain teeth from Amann Girrbach Germany group, which is one of the famous non-metallic porcelain teeth today both in terms of aesthetics and durability on the arch and the bearing capacity is up to 1100 Mpa.

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Advantages of Ceramill porcelain teeth

Ceramill porcelain teeth is a line of porcelain teeth that inherits all the outstanding advantages of previous all-ceramic porcelain teeth such as Cercon, Venus or Katana … besides it also overcomes all disadvantages of metal teeth.

  • High aesthetics

Ceramill porcelain teeth have ribs made of white Zirconia, the optical contrast is very similar to our real teeth.

Ceramill porcelain teeth are beautiful full zirconia teeth that can be attached to both incisors and molars

  • Hardness and durability are very good

Ceramill porcelain teeth have 5 times higher lateral strength than real teeth, bearing index reaches 1100 Mpa and real teeth are only at 200Mpa. Using Ceramill porcelain teeth, we can completely eat and drink all forms of hard food without worrying about breaking.

  • Modern, advanced equipment and best production technology

Ceramill porcelain teeth apply CAD / CAM technology with the most modern line today. Ceramill porcelain teeth are manufactured with high precision, the gap is only 25 µm, the highest tightness in most Zirconia porcelain teeth. 

The zirconia rib layer has high hardness with a super small tip of 0.25mm, the thinnest thickness is only 0.25mm, so when we cover the ceramill porcelain teeth, we will not need to perform grinding teeth that are too small compared to other types of porcelain teeth.

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5. German porcelain teeth line HT Smile

HT Smile porcelain teeth, the most advanced line of all-ceramic porcelain teeth, was born at HCStarck Group – Germany. The product is currently being used by a large number of customers around the world and Vietnam.

HT Smile porcelain teeth are pure non-metallic porcelain that is fired at high temperatures up to 1450 – 1600 degrees Celsius. They have the most perfect bearing capacity today. The tooth frame and the surface coating are all porcelain. Ensure high safety and achieve absolute compatibility for customers’ teeth to use.

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Very good insulation to help protect the pulp from being irritated by hot and cold agents. People can comfortably eat and drink like real teeth. Teeth will no longer be sensitive or painful when chewing hot or cold food. Customers will always feel the most comfortable and convenient.

The high depth of the product will provide a white smile. People will confidently show their teeth when communicating, contributing to improving quality of life.

Advantages of HT Smile all-ceramic teeth

HT Smile all-ceramic teeth have always been sought after by many customers in recent times because of the many outstanding features that it brings. Correction of defective teeth. Improve chewing function better than natural teeth and bring great aesthetics.

  • Great aesthetics

HT Smile porcelain teeth have up to 16 custom color tones, perfect clarity. Customers will always have the most outstanding white teeth. Flexible restoration of many different tooth conditions.

  • The best biocompatibility

When using HT Smile porcelain teeth, people do not need to worry about allergies. Or the condition of the black root of the tooth like other metal-containing porcelain lines. The aesthetics and safety in the oral cavity are always best guaranteed.

  • Bearing good

The most outstanding feature of HT Smile porcelain teeth is extremely good bearing capacity. It has great bearing capacity up to 1400 Mpa. The bending strength of the HT Smile series is up to 700 Mpa. The user is comfortable eating and chewing food, even the toughest, hardest foods.

  • Long lifespan

HT Smile porcelain teeth have an average use time of about 20-25 years or more. Proper care and oral hygiene will help to prolong the life of the product for a long time, even forever.

6. German porcelain teeth Venus

Venus porcelain teeth are a new generation of porcelain teeth using modern CAD / CAM technology to produce, made up of 100% high-grade materials researched and supplied by the famous German dental materials corporation. . Venus porcelain teeth are also known as Venus non-metal porcelain teeth or Venus German porcelain teeth.

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Venus all-ceramic teeth are composed of 2 parts like other porcelain teeth, including: The inner frame is made of Zirconia and the outer part is covered with many layers of porcelain to create the same color and color as real teeth, ensuring highly aesthetic.

Venus porcelain teeth have quite impressive parameters when reaching the best standards: hardness > 1000 Mpa sustainable, light weight ½ compared to metal. Fully biocompatible, absolutely safe for users, quality meets international standards.

Advantages of Venus porcelain teeth 

Venus porcelain teeth are highly appreciated for quality from people who have used them. Up to now, Venus porcelain teeth are still a great choice for many people who need cosmetic porcelain crowns thanks to the following advantages:

  • Very natural aesthetic

All-ceramic Venus teeth have a whiteness and clarity that is almost the same as real teeth. Venus porcelain teeth also resist staining well, the gum line is not black after restoration, and there is no phenomenon of black shadow when exposed to light.

  • Human-friendly

Venus porcelain teeth are made from very benign materials, which can survive in the oral environment for many years without causing any negative reactions.

  • Tough and good bearing

Venus porcelain teeth are baked at a temperature of > 1600 degrees Celsius, and the frame achieves optimal hardness. Venus porcelain teeth are able to bear many times more force than real teeth, helping customers eat and chew extremely comfortably.

  • High strength, long service life

All-ceramic Venus teeth have very high durability after restoration. Correct restoration technique and combined with good care, this line of all-ceramic Venus teeth can last sustainably on the user’s jaw arch for 10-20 years, even a lifetime.

Above is some information about German porcelain teeth products. If you have any questions, please contact us via our hotline for advice and to schedule a free consultation.

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