Why should teeth be extracted when braces? Which teeth need to be extracted? Are you hurt? Is it dangerous? In what cases should teeth be extracted when braces? … Those are the questions of many customers when deciding to orthodontic treatment. Follow the article below to find the answer.

Do teeth have to be extracted with braces?

Braces service is a dental service with the purpose of helping to straighten teeth, bring misaligned teeth to the standard position with dental appliances. Braces will help you own a regular, balanced teeth, a brighter confident smile.

Tại sao phải nhổ răng khi niềng? Có đau không, nguy hiểm không?

In certain cases, to create space between teeth to help misaligned teeth to the correct position, the doctor will appoint tooth extraction. At this time, the extraction of teeth with braces will be outlined by the doctor and a treatment plan will be given to suit the condition of the customer’s teeth.

Extracting teeth before braces not only creates space for the teeth to move back to the correct treatment, but this also helps prevent the risk of dental diseases along with dangerous complications affecting health. In addition, the extraction of teeth when braces also help you minimize the problems of teeth shifting during orthodontic treatment.

In fact, not every customer or every case needs to have teeth extracted when braces. Usually, for teeth that have enough space, sparse teeth, and teeth that do not grow thick, dentists will often choose the method that does not require tooth extraction.

In short, whether or not to extract teeth when braces or not will depend on each specific case. Therefore, to make an accurate conclusion, you should go to reputable hospitals and dental clinics for doctors to examine and give appropriate treatment regimens.

Why have teeth pulled when braces?

Usually, doctors will not recommend extracting teeth when it is not absolutely necessary. But once a doctor’s decision is made, it is usually due to the following reasons:

Braces in adulthood

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Indication for tooth extraction when the client is in the adult age is because the client’s jawbone is already firm and in balance with the face. Therefore, when wearing braces, it will definitely need to be extracted to make space for the teeth to easily move in a favorable position.

Defective teeth

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For defective teeth such as crowded, crooked, overbite, underbite teeth, there should be space for the teeth to have space to return to the correct position on the same jaw. Therefore, the doctor will recommend tooth extraction.

Which teeth must be extracted with braces? And how many teeth are extracted?

Depending on the condition of the customer’s teeth, the doctor will specify the position and number of teeth to be extracted. Usually, the doctor will order the extraction of the following teeth:

Tooth number 4

Tại sao phải nhổ răng khi niềng? Có đau không, nguy hiểm không?
Extraction of tooth number 4

In fact, the extraction of tooth number 4 is the most common indication for extraction in orthodontic services. The fourth tooth, also known as the first premolar, is located in the middle of the jaw. Therefore, when this tooth is removed, it will not affect the chewing function of the entire jaw.

When the 4th tooth is removed, it will create favorable conditions for the outer incisors and molars to move to the desired position. For customers with protruding teeth, underbites, reverse bite, misaligned, crowded teeth, the doctor will appoint tooth number 4 to be extracted.

Tooth number 5

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No. 5 tooth extraction
Like tooth number 4, tooth number 5 is also in the group of premolars, so tooth number 5 is often indicated to be extracted to create space for other teeth to move.

Because they are in the group of premolars, it depends on the patient’s oral condition as well as the doctor’s treatment regimen to know exactly whether you need to extract teeth 4 or 5.

Tooth number 8

Tại sao phải nhổ răng khi niềng? Có đau không, nguy hiểm không?

Number 8 teeth, also known as wisdom teeth, are located at the end of the teeth. Because they grow in adulthood, they often lack space, which leads to a situation where the number 8 teeth are often misaligned, growing underground, affecting other teeth. The 8th tooth is misaligned, hidden, there are many potential risks to the customer’s oral health such as: gingivitis, tooth decay, loose teeth, etc. Therefore, when braces, doctors often specify Remove wisdom teeth to avoid affecting the results of orthodontic treatment.

How many teeth must be extracted with braces?

Regarding the number of teeth that need to be extracted for braces, there is no exact and specific number. Because, each customer will have a different tooth condition, so the number of teeth that need to be extracted for braces will also be different. There are cases where customers need to extract only 1 tooth number 4, but there are also cases where 2 teeth 5 lower jaw must be extracted, or there are customers who have to extract all 4 wisdom teeth … Therefore, to know Exactly whether you have to pull teeth for braces or not or how many teeth have to be extracted, please find a reputable dentist so that the doctor can plan the most accurate treatment plan.

Does tooth extraction with braces have any effect?

If you go to reputable hospitals, dental clinics, have a team of highly skilled doctors, the extraction of teeth for braces will not have any effect at all. Because, at this time, the doctor will carefully consider and calculate to bring the best results without affecting the health of the client.

Tại sao phải nhổ răng khi niềng? Có đau không, nguy hiểm không?

In addition, the selection of prestigious hospitals and clinics, with a team of experienced and qualified dental doctors, etc., here these clinics will apply advanced, modern machines. combined with the standard extraction procedure of the Ministry of Health, so that when conducting treatment for customers, it will not leave any complications.

Is tooth extraction with braces painful?

“Does tooth extraction with braces hurt?” This is a question asked by many customers. Usually, during the extraction process, the dentist will administer anesthesia, so the customer will not feel pain or discomfort. However, after the anesthetic wears off, there will be a feeling of toothache. Depending on the condition of the client as well as the pain tolerance limit of each person, some people will have little pain, some people will have a lot of pain. However, do not feel too worried, because after the tooth extraction is complete, the doctor will prescribe you a pain reliever that you can use in case of severe pain and soothe and repel the pain. your pain.

The pain from tooth extraction will usually last about 2 days and by the 3rd day, then the pain will subside and you can completely eat and drink normally.

In which cases it is necessary to extract teeth when wearing braces?

In fact, before braces some customers will have to remove teeth, but others do not. So in what cases will customers have to extract teeth before braces? Extraction will be necessary in the following cases:

Crooked teeth, crooked teeth

Tại sao phải nhổ răng khi niềng? Có đau không, nguy hiểm không?

This is a condition where the upper or lower teeth are protruding outward or inward compared to the other jaw. Both protruding teeth and underbites greatly affect the aesthetics and function of chewing, to overcome this situation, the doctor will perform 2 – 4 teeth extractions to take the space to heal the teeth.

Severely crowded teeth

On a jaw frame, if the teeth are crowded, it will make the teeth messy. The teeth that overlap or overlap each other affect the aesthetics and can be the cause of oral diseases such as: gingivitis, periodontitis … To overcome, the dentist will perform extractions of the teeth. Overgrowth to make space, then pull the remaining teeth to grow in alignment and in the correct position.

Teeth grow too much

In cases of supernumerary teeth, it is possible that the baby teeth do not fall out. These teeth have almost no effect, but on the contrary, make customers lose their aesthetics. Therefore, before braces, the doctor will check and pull out all the teeth that are undergrown or overgrown in the jaw, then perform orthodontic braces.

Teeth erupt in the wrong bite

Misaligned teeth is a condition in which the teeth in the two jaws do not match, making it difficult to bite. A misaligned bite can be caused by an overgrown or misaligned tooth. The extraction of teeth at this time will help the bite have more space to move, resulting in a straight, standard set of teeth.

In fact, to decide whether to extract a tooth or not? the doctor will need to examine the tooth directly, take a film to check the bone structure and see if there are any teeth that are impacted. Depending on the customer’s condition, how many teeth will be extracted and which teeth will be extracted?

Which cases do not need to extract teeth when braces?

Not all cases of braces require tooth extraction. Customers can keep their teeth in the following cases:

Teeth that grow wide, without teeth will not need to be extracted

Missing teeth may be due to congenital or previous loss of teeth. In this case, the customer will not have to extract teeth because the arch is empty, the jaw has enough space for other teeth to move to the desired position.

Customers with crooked teeth

Crooked teeth is a condition in which the patient has a shorter tooth arch than the jaw. The main reason is because the teeth grow inward, making the jaw larger. At this time, the purpose of braces is to pull the dental arch out to balance the jaw arch. Therefore, extraction of the tooth in this case is not necessary.

Children under 15 years old do not need to have their teeth extracted with braces

According to dental recommendations, braces for children under 15 years old do not need to be extracted. Because at this stage children are in the development of teeth and bones, the adjustment is easier than adults, so there is no need to extract teeth.

Above are the cases where customers do not need to extract teeth when braces, to know if you have to pull teeth or not, don’t forget to contact Singae dentist for a free consultation!

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